5 thoughts on “The Pfizer Vaxx killed every child in the womb, during trials”

  1. Are You sure of this?
    Because if this is true, it is needed some judiciary trial…
    like the one that is predicted in the so called “Processo
    fatto dalle Genti”, a short and misterious paragraph in the
    book “Profezie di Papa Giovanni” (Edizioni Mediterranee),
    published in the 70’s by the now defunct PIER CARPI,
    a fracmasson-P2 and husband of a daughter of Licio Gelli.

    A team of Chinese scientist in Sweden discovered that the
    SPIKE proteins (those from the SARS-CoV-2 but also those
    produced by human cells of the “vaccinated”) divides into
    sub-units, that enter the cell nucleus and interfere with
    the repair process of DNA, provoking accelerated senescense
    and maybe also an involution towards cancer.


  2. S. America is a ‘Nazi’ haven. See Robert Malone. They (US Army) & Robert Malone were never in S. America regarding Zika. They were down there to gauge their mass sterilization, DNA/chromosome selection techniques that resulted in severe birth defects they call Zika.

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