Mislav Kolakusic tells the EU Commission President off to her face

Editor’s Note: Kolakusic is a real crusader. He is on the road to be one of the great European Heroes of our day.  the above tweet is from his official account.

Moderna Stock crashes by -60%, 130 Billion USD in value erased

Editor’s note: While this sound bad for Moderna, those who control Wall Street just got away with robbing $130 Billion from those who believed in the Narrative and bought these over priced securities.

SCOTLAND: Protest against DeathVaxx Passports in Glasgow



SWEDEN: Large Protest at Stockholm against DeathVaxx Passports


Dr. Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 is a Fraud

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The substance of this video is worth watching, but Dr. Coleman’s call to ignore or censor the diffusion of information or debates regarding many issues regarding the Scamdemic, BECAUSE IT MAKES IT DIFFICULT for many to accept that the Pandemic is a Plandemic or Scamdemic, IS SIMPLY WRONG.

Dr. Coleman does not understand morality nor anthropology.  The moral law requires that all truth be published. The anthropological reality is that all truth must be published because most are convinced of an argument when they are better and more accurately informed.

But philosophically, Dr. Coleman is very wrong, because truth can never be an enemy of truth.

He is also completely incompetent, scientifically, in implying the critics of virology are conspiracy theorists. Even a first year college student, who has studied the empirical method can see that virology is not based on sound methodology and that its own fundamental methods of demonstration are fallacious and invalid.

Dr. Coleman is right to call for properly researched scientific papers, but he ignores the proper scientific methods which should be used to verify the theory that viruses exist or not.

SPAIN: Unexplained Excess Deaths in November

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the article above it is reported that Rafael Cascón Porres, a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), has sounded the warning about excess deaths in Spain in the month of November, 2021 A. D..

Spain has some 49.7 million people and the average monthly death rate, is 35, 513 persons.

But the research expresses concern that in November, there were 2994 more deaths than expected for the month.  An increase of 8.4 % over the monthly average.

It is important to note, that the excess deaths do NOT include those who are recorded to have died of Covid-19.

Click the image above to read the full article in Spanish.

The article states that the researcher does not know the cause of this excess mortality, but the reporter closes by pointing out that the Covid-19 vaccines are notorious for being lethal to some persons.

The statistics in Spain for December should be available in February, and I ask my readers in Spain to keep us all informed on this matter.