Andrea Cionci: The Crude attack on Pope Benedict XVI recoils upon Bergoglio

Editor’s Note: History shows that when anyone attacks Christ’s Vicar, the Divine Providence responds. Wait for it…

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10 thoughts on “Andrea Cionci: The Crude attack on Pope Benedict XVI recoils upon Bergoglio”

  1. Brother, I sent you an email with a link to read Catholic Byzantine Patriarch Elijah. He is calling Bergoglio a heretic and an antipope.

    Long live Pope Benedict!

      1. Thank you, Br Bugnolo. Gateway Pundit published the letter with permission. I wondered why the Byzantine “Patriarch” did not report that Pope Benedict XVI did not abdicate and also directed the readers to Vigano. It makes sense that Elijah is a sedevacantist.

        Thank you.

      2. They “elected” Vigano in October 2019 (looks like the original video has been deleted):
        “The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate has taken action to save the Church in this time of Great Apostasy. They’ve clearly named the truth that “Francis” Bergoglio is a manifest heretic, thus not Pope.
        This video documents their extraordinary election of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò as the rightful Pope.”

    1. This article you linked to is very interesting.

      The TRUTH spoken by the bergoglian inner circle slubglob, cardinal sean o malley, is absolutely no threat to the counterfeit bergoglian fake church; in fact, sean o malleable is a serious threat to the TRUE ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH instituted by JESUS CHRIST.

      Everyone can easily research this, but perhaps you already understand this.

      Also, cardinal o malleable is not NOW speaking out in defense of the TRUE POPE BENEDICT XVI and the TRUTH he knew then and of course still knows. The article you linked to proves this in his own words of evidence.

      It is sooooooo easy to figure out just why cardinal o malleable remains silent at this point in time while NOT SPEAKING OUT in support of the ONE and ONLY TRUE VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH, POPE BENEDICT XVI.

      We have found cardinal o malleable’s strategy is to always lay low and slither under the radar because he has been and continues to be most successful in carrying out the worst destruction that he can possibly accomplish in this very particular way.

      The evidence reveals that he operates well as a bergoglian insider, and was chosen because he is one of them, a wolf in shepherd’s clothing.

      Let us hope that the rest of the slubglobs inside the counterfeit church and the slubglobs outside who are instrumental accomplices of replacing the TRUE POPE BENEDICT with
      anti pope bergoglio are not planning to put cardinal o malleable on the very short list to be their next counterfeit pope of the counterfeit church of satan.

      IF GOD ALLOWS IT, whomever satan’s minions choose, they and he are no doubt planning to continue their death knell that is paving the way into the one world religion and further forward to the enthronement of THE future antichrist.

      May GOD HAVE MERCY on us all and STOP THEM, we pray.


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