Dr. Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 is a Fraud

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The substance of this video is worth watching, but Dr. Coleman’s call to ignore or censor the diffusion of information or debates regarding many issues regarding the Scamdemic, BECAUSE IT MAKES IT DIFFICULT for many to accept that the Pandemic is a Plandemic or Scamdemic, IS SIMPLY WRONG.

Dr. Coleman does not understand morality nor anthropology.  The moral law requires that all truth be published. The anthropological reality is that all truth must be published because most are convinced of an argument when they are better and more accurately informed.

But philosophically, Dr. Coleman is very wrong, because truth can never be an enemy of truth.

He is also completely incompetent, scientifically, in implying the critics of virology are conspiracy theorists. Even a first year college student, who has studied the empirical method can see that virology is not based on sound methodology and that its own fundamental methods of demonstration are fallacious and invalid.

Dr. Coleman is right to call for properly researched scientific papers, but he ignores the proper scientific methods which should be used to verify the theory that viruses exist or not.

12 thoughts on “Dr. Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 is a Fraud”

  1. Why even present this? Not very competent for a doctor…Maybe, needs to go be a Govt. Hack like Fauci.
    Incompetence and lack of ethics defines Govt. position
    Don’t have a Research to prove it…
    Merely observation and work experience.

    1. Because other than that, much of his speech presents good solid points for the world wide Resistance.

  2. Anyone who is mandated to take the Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon should say “No,” stand up for your own right to life without succumbing to a death shot, and sue whoever has asked you to put your health and life and safety at risk.

    There is no excuse to say, “I’m against this, but I don’t want to lose my job.” What is more important, losing one’s job or losing one’s life? The fake “vaccine” weakens your immune system to a point that when it is threatened, you won’t survive it, especially with Graphene Oxide depriving your heart, lungs, brain, and blood of oxygen until you die, and especially when Graphene Hydroxide contains microscopic nano-razor blades that slice and dice your blood cells until you are dead.

    There are three types of people:

    Category 1: Those sheeple who believe anything Satanthony Fauci and Bill Gates of Hell says and stand on line to take the suicide shot;

    Category 2: Those who don’t want to take the shot, but put their job or their college education ahead of their life; and:

    Category 3: Those of us, myself included, who have enough self-respect and courage to say “absolutely NOT” to masks, fake “vaccines,” boosters, or anything else our government officials who are whores or the Big Pharma Drug Cartel [including Biden, Trump, Fauci, and every member of the Senate and Congress who have lied to us and said that these death jabs are “safe and effective”; and the Lamestream Media and their evil doctors [like CNN’s Disinformation Whore Sanjay Gupta and FOX News’ Vaccine Pimp Mark Siegel], and every hospital and doctor in private practice who are part of Global Genocide. If you stand for truth and believe real virologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists who have studied this Crime Against Humanity and have spoken out against the Vaccine Holocaust [like Dr. David Martin, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Joseph Mercola, etc. etc.], then stand with me in Category 3 and say “Hell No” to any attempt to control, brainwash, manipulate, coerce, influence, or extort you to commit “vaccine suicide.”

    One day there will be a Nuremberg II trial [Attorney Reiner Fuellmich is working on that right now], and all of the liars and murderers who sold their soul to Big Pharma and Klaus Schwab and George Soros will face justice. Meanwhile, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR DIGNITY and NEVER allow anyone to make you do anything or wear anything that threatens your innate knowledge of right versus wrong!

    If we reject all of the pressure by the madmen, just say no to it, and do not acknowledge the will of maniacs, together we can overcome the insanity of the vaxx and the masks. But if we just go along with it, remember that sheep all eventually wind up in the slaughterhouse.

  3. Your remarks are very astute here Br, Bugnulo as this has been a more escalated aspect of the scamdemic for the last week +. It is essential that Truth be pursued as to the nature of virology as a “science,” for al the havoc it has wrecked on humanity over many decades. I have listed to many videos of Dr. Coleman, but like Dr. Mercola, we need to reject the barrier they try to put up around dissecting virology. Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey, Lanka and others show us the path of common sense and debunking the trickery. This is the only true redemption – full Truth – on the matter.

  4. Do not be too quick to put down Coleman for ONE opinion which might not prevail under test. The man has done far too much good work. Take from what he has to say in this and his other videos and use to advantage instead of uttering complaints about the few things he gets wrong. The “immaculate conception” mindset of the truther where all must be perfect in order to be accepted is one of their greatest downfalls which will result in nothing but nihilism.

  5. Nowhere in this video has Dr Coleman asked for censorship or for people to ignore the diffusion of information because it makes it difficult for people to accept it is all a scamdemic. I have watched the video three times and have not heard him say this. If someone could point out where he says this I would be very interested to read it.

    His comments on the work some lawyers are doing is interesting but it is his opinion which he is not claiming to be a fact. He may be right in being skeptical about it due to the corruption of the court system and the fees some lawyers would undoubtedly be charging. On the other hand he may be wrong about some of them not having genuine motives for taking up these cases. Personally I would prefer to believe he is wrong about some of them but there is no way anyone can know for sure at the moment. And in the interests of non censorship he at least has the right to express his opinion in the vociferous way he does. He has been one of the very first to state that billions of people could potentially be killed by the death jabs while others could be left in very poor health.

    His point about some jabs being harmless and a distraction is also interesting because although it’s definitely possible and even likely that some are simple saline solutions, no one would know which batch they are being injected with until it is too late. It’s the element of Russian Roulette which is the danger he is pointing to.

    Regarding virology and its critics being conspiracy theorists, he does not actually mention virology or use the words “conspiracy theorists ” so I am at a loss to know how this is accurate. The only people he could be said to vaguely imply are conspiracy theorists are governments and their lackeys around the world. But rather than vaguely imply it he transparently says they are all conspiring together to bring about the intended agenda. Because of all these points, I simply do not understand how the comments introducing the video could have been arrived at.

    1. His comments begin at 10:11 where he criticizes the Resistance, implying that the divisions among the Resistance are caused by psyops, and calls a notion, the non existent of viruses, as one psyop. Again at 11:48+ he says that the idea that viruses do not exist, as unsubstantiated. …. Those who insist on discussing such theories hurt he resistance, and make more difficult for millions to accept the truth. …

      Now think about what he is saying, and you will see that my criticism does not misrepresent his views. I just spell it out with different words.

  6. I’ve watched again the two areas of the video you mention. At 10.11 he begins talking about the psyops designed to wreck the resistance to a movement which doesn’t adhere to the manufactured narrative. This much is absolutely true and such psyops have frequently been used against a movement seeking to change the status quo. This is the purpose of an establishment – keep things exactly as they are because they or their pay masters benefit from it.

    He does not actually say the notion of the non existence of viruses is a psyop but an “ideology”. As we know, an ideology is akin to a religion, a fake religion, a cult which ensnarer’s people into its influence. It could be said that an ideology starts with a psyop but not necessarily. It could start with a distorted way of thinking by a person with a charismatic personality, e.g Jim Jones, Branch Davidians, the Australian ‘Family’, The Manson ‘Family’ etc. I do not have enough scientific knowledge to know whether a virus does or does not exist but there are a number of scientists which believe they do not. Coleman believes they do exist but not that Covid 19 exists in the way millions of people have been led to believe.

    From 11.48 onwards he states that he doesn’t know if theories about the existence or non existence of viruses are true or not but emphasizes the nature of the war we are in. He mentions this war several times in the video. Clearly for him, we should not get bogged down in unproven theories because this creates confusion among people who idiotically believe everything their government, media and medical establishment tell them, except that he puts it more politely than that. He is at pains to point out that the truth must be kept simple and free from being overloaded with too many theories or claims of psyops if people are to see the truth about the scamdemic.

    To be completely honest, I would speculate that what he has in mind is the kind and number of people who have been taken in by the gross lies and fear mongering of the last two years. I believe many of us, myself included, if we are being honest with ourselves, would look at these people with something like contempt for not making any effort to find things out for themselves and following along mindlessly with what the establishment and media have told them. This may not be a Christian attitude but I personally (and no doubt others) are willing to admit this flaw. In doing so, I believe it brings us closer to what we want to achieve.

    I have watched many of Dr Coleman’s videos and his stance has been consistent all along,, namely have nothing to do with the killer jabs and research for yourself to discover the scamdemic imposed on us all. In a video around May 2021 he said the killer jabs could ultimately mean the end of the entire human race due to the dangers the jabbed pose to the unjabbed in that they had been turned into virus making factories and bio weapons. His whole stance is geared to not complying with the various diktats and forming a resistance to them. If only more people had listened to him.

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