Geert Vanden Bossche: It is wrong to give Politicians authority over our health

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5 thoughts on “Geert Vanden Bossche: It is wrong to give Politicians authority over our health”

  1. THIS IS MIS – INFO AND I AM DISAPPOINTED IN THIS SITE FOR PUBLISHING SUCH NONSENSE. I HAVE TRUSTED MOST ALL YOUR WORK HERE AND YOUR INTERVIEWS BUT THIS MAN IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTHS AND GIVING US MIS-INFO ABOUT THIS COVID NARRATIVE THAT IS FALLING APART. COVID 19 is a fraud and these death jabs are useless. This man seems to be pro Bill Gates and all that we need to expose as treasonous. Sars – Cov – 2 virus is also a feak and it doesn’t exist. We have been lied to and this man continues the lying and fake narrative. Disappointed.

  2. The Globalist WEF/CCP Nazi Communist Cabal has NO RIGHT to Medical Decisions; nor, to any other area of life of the people.
    Took many bloody wars and Atomic damage to the Earth to remove the last actively governing Monarchy in the modern world at the end of WW2. Since winning and removing authority from the Emperors, Kings, Queens, Popes, Priests…And, accepting responsibility over life; the new Aristocracy of the Establishment Ruling Elite DESIRE AGAIN to make SLAVES out of the populace they view as peasantry. Would rather die than to accept this.

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