CANADA: Quebec prohibits unVaxxed from large stores

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6 thoughts on “CANADA: Quebec prohibits unVaxxed from large stores”

  1. I’m in Ontario…and it’s coming our way. Most of the people are extremely passive here; complete godlessness in this part of the province where I’m from. It is so sad to see people submitting to this evil agenda. Thankfully, our truck drivers are rising to the occasion. I think that when they get to Ottawa they should arrest Trudeau AND our unelected health officials.

    1. Quebec is a nightmare! I’m in Ontario, too. Not happy with how Premier Ford had handled things, but NDP or Libs would have been worse, which is only a small consolation. God bless the truckers protest! Massive public show of noncompliance is long overdue and most welcome. Can’t help but think that, with the highly coordinated way this has played out around the globe, there must be a some demonic spiritual aspect to the tyranny. The Powers That Be have pre-planned responses to whatever political or social resistance we might offer. The demonstrations in Montreal against the curfew have not (yet, anyway) made a difference. We need things like that, and the truckers’ demonstration. But we also need divine intervention–its probably the only scenario The Powers That Be didn’t foresee and hence the only thing for which they do not have a pre-planned countermove. I wonder if these increased Quebec restrictions is the government’s planned reaction to resistance. Only God can change the hearts of our overlords, so, praying for divine intervention seems like a really good strategy right now!

  2. I also live in Ontario. Many sheeple driving in cars with masks on, completely brainwashed by MSM.

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