CANADA: Truckers rebel against DeathVaxx Mandates for International Transport

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7 thoughts on “CANADA: Truckers rebel against DeathVaxx Mandates for International Transport”

  1. Wish this was in the United States. Keep thinking ‘Citizen Patriots’ will grow some …Courage?…And, just doesn’t respond to threats. Try to get a ‘Rolling Thunder’ Protest going for D.C., Ottawa, and Mexico City at the same time for later in the year. Anybody can ride with the Vets whether they have colors, Harleys, Bikes or not.

  2. I encourage all to check out 7th Horn blog . This may be a part of controlled opposition. They may be using these truckers. The truckers do not have a choice, but the elite want dissent and protests. Empty shelves will not effect them. It will us…..

    1. Completely agree, Suzanne Callahan. I’m happy to see civil disobedience, non-compliance, peaceful resistance but not by causing a famine upon the general population… It’s like the good guys are inadvertently doing their dirty work for the globalists.

    2. Regardless of the “deletes” plans, it is a wonderful way for Canadians to support one another and tell the scheming corrupt politicians enough is enough.

    3. I did check out the 7th Horn blog. Michael may have written his commentary in a knee-jerk reaction to the inconveniences people may well face. However, his attitude left much to be desired. Name-calling was neither necessary nor professional. The convoy en route to Ottawa has sparked a profound sense of unity in this massive country and has given voice to many who are deeply concerned about the direction of the country, particularly with regard to rights and freedoms, especially in the medical domain. Canada was a signatory to the Nuremberg Code and one would expect a lawyer to applaud a citizenry who wishes to stand up and hold the government to account, whether their collars are blue or white, whether they push the speed limit or a pen…

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