5 thoughts on “Mark Steyn: The Pandemic was a pure Scam, the People ought to sack their Governments”

  1. Mark Steyn is a treasure; I’ve been a fan for a long time. No one nails things quite like he does.

  2. We need to sack the satanists in power in all our institutions (and arrest those guilty of crimes) and replace them with actual Christians — thereby keeping our governments and rule of law in tact. That demented judge in Canada needs to be removed from the bench. We need to keep in mind the call to sack the governments is part of the NWO agenda to get rid of national governments and borders and have a one world government led by lucifer.

  3. We’ve all had so many shocking realizations, but here’s another one. Millions of our fellow citizens want both jab and tyranny.
    If we were united against it, it wouldn’t have been possible to keep it going as they have. I remember reading that in Australia, people came out on balconies and snitched on their fellow citizens evading police below.
    What despicable behavior.

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