The Vaccine Pope, mocked on the streets of France

The French reads from left to right, top down: “Take it! It’s a third dose of love”, and “Francois-19, Testimony of Corona. The First Vaccine Pope.”

There are several word games here:  Testimony of Corona, to parallel, “Testimony of Jehova”, the Cult called Jehova Witnesses, who believe that Christ became Saint Michael and that no one goes to hell, like Bergoglio has stated.  Francois-19 to parallel, Covid-19. The cross and aureole have disappeared and are replaced by an image of the One Holy Almighty Virus, the object of faith of the New World Order.

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10 thoughts on “The Vaccine Pope, mocked on the streets of France”

  1. Imitation of Elijah, way to go, it should be mocked and anyone carrying the water for them should be mocked, it’s idolatry…. living the lie.

  2. Well said French and so true!
    Most of the Caholic sheep here in Australia worship the almighty virus and have become Lukewarm in their devotion to Our Lord and Our Blessed mother.
    They sit in mass looking like slaves with their face nappies on ( me never ever hiding my face from our Lord) to afraid to even sit near one another, trusting the fake science God and not Our Lord, woe to our Bishops enforcing this.

    According to the Denmark Health Authorities, there is a New Variant ‘The BA.2 Omicron subservient’
    Three weeks ago we were told that PFIZER is working on a new vaxx to give immunity from Omicron…
    Voila! Make sure that the dumbed downed masses line up for the New PFIZER Vaxx… which will specifically target the Omicron variant.
    It is no use telling people to wake up anymore,
    the Spirit of slumber generated by Fear has put the Nation at the mercy of tyrants.
    I am of the view that the end game of all this is to Vaxx people to Death.
    I have said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘ How many times do you have to be Vaxxed before you realise you are not Vaxxed.
    On the religious front; The white robbed sinner Pontifex Maximus Francis is telling all to get the ‘Love Booster’
    I see the two Beasts of State and Religion in accord just as prophesied by Apostle John Rev 13
    Are we in that place that Apostle Paul prophesied and referred to as the fruition of the “Mystery Of Lawlessness” ? 2Thes 2:7.
    Very Possibly!… john B

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