6 thoughts on “A Flood of regret on Twitter from those who took the DeathVaxx”

  1. Br Bugnolo,

    I heard on a space weather YouTube channel something shocking; That the large reduction of the earth’s magnetic field (once it reduces more than 40%) and the effects of the magnetic shocks caused by corona mass ejections from the sun will make people more susceptible to heart attacks. Then I thought of the graphene oxide present in the vaccines and thought that it is likely to exacerbate this phenomenon since it is magnetic. And finally thought that this is probably the exact reason why the elite have wanted to inject people with the vaccines. So that they can blame the massive deaths to come on Climate Change and so take complete control over our lives.

    Just wanted to share this with you in case you are able to verify this connection. I will try do so on my side.

    God Bless

    1. I do not think solar flares last long enough or are strong enough to cause electrical current in the human body, even if they had graphen oxide, since the electromagnetic activity in the upper atmosphere is very week and distant.

      1. It is a easy solution to just go bare foot to be grounded so that the electricity should flow through us safely and perhaps energize us. – satire

  2. When in our house we had Covid, being middle-aged, naturally we were concerned. We have a crucifix and an image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We did what we always do, put ourselves completely in their hands. We trusted them, and asked Jesus to do with us what He felt best, we were going to trust either way.
    Believe me friends, we all have anxiety, but if you put yourself in God’s hands, He knows best what to do with you and for you.
    Get off the computer, perhaps stop reading alarming opinions. Nobody knows as much as they pretend. It is entirely possible the effects will not be bad. There are doctors out there who are developing post-jab protocols. Use reason. Eat healthy. Exercise. Pray and meditate. Laugh often.
    Anxiety is an awful thing, and we are all jumpy, but things will be alright.

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