6 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA turned into a police state to save 1200 Covid patients”

  1. This nasty action against Australian citizens is not so much Prisoner/Guard past, it’s because the Australian government goons now possess all of the peoples’ self-protection, aka “arms”.

    It can still happen in the USA, but the authorities will suffer much blood losses before they are successful.

  2. International crime tribunal? The leader of the Aussie political party Australia One, said recently that the entire Aussie police and military apparatus, at leadership and mid leadership level, is entirely infiltrated by masonry.

    1. Masons are one of the most underappreciated factors in this long crisis, not only in Australia.
      Footsoldiers of Baal.

  3. Just imagine what the world will be like when the controllers succeed and force those in the system into their “internet of all things” matrix.
    Our Lord told us what it will be like: ” In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them.”

    The injections have a multi layer purpose. The first is to incorporate a nano-tech bio-metric system . The second is total and full control of said “human”. And lastly, it is a depopulation agenda.

  4. The worse thing to do is allow the Govt. to take your WEAPONS. Bet these Aussies wish they had NEVER given-up their weapons. Will NEVER give-up mine. In the time of Jesus; people were advised to get a sword and they didn’t use swords to cut vegies or woven thread; for sure. In a ‘Constitutional Republic based on Democracy’ every human has a RESPONSIBILITY to oppose tyranny. Every human has a God-given right to protect oneself and one’s family, property and Country. I’ll keep my weapons as FREEDOM is worth dying for especially at my age and if my children and Grandchildren are threatened. Thank-you very much.

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