GERMANY: Office for Constitution calls anti-DeathVaxxers “Enemies of the State”

Editor’s Note: Globalists are the boldest liars, thieves and murderers. So note that in Germany they are calling their cabal “the State”, and citizens “enemies”.

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2 thoughts on “GERMANY: Office for Constitution calls anti-DeathVaxxers “Enemies of the State””

  1. Thomas Heldenwang as Head of the ‘Office for the Protection of the Constitution’ yet another acolyte of the new Hitler; Schwab of the WEF out of Davos. They’re EVERYWHERE and their declarations manifesting fascist communism opposing ‘Human Rights’ display the motivations of the goup now GRASPING raw power for their ‘One World Nazi Communist Govt. which strongly resembles the old Monarchy/Aristocracy/Church Authoritarianism of hundreds of years ago which ENSLAVED >99% of the population. Long ago, the world did away with the Monarchy/Aristocrat/Church governance taxing the peasantry to starvation and murdering/torturing for turning from the Catholic Church supporting the Monarchical Structure of government. Declaring un-vaxxed to be ‘Enemies of the State’ when it is KNOWN the vax is murdering people is the height of risk since German is also the origin of Dr. Menegele; the Doctor WRONGFULLY torturing and murdering HUMAN BEINGS while perpetrating ‘Medical Experiments’.
    Time for Nuremberg 2.0 to arrest these Criminals Against Humanity; Try them ‘Live Stream’ around the world and allow the peasantry to determine their fate once and for all.

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