Br. Bugnolo speaks with AJ Baalman: The Great Reset, where is it headed now?

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16 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo speaks with AJ Baalman: The Great Reset, where is it headed now?”

  1. I am more than happy to live outside of the great reset system and not take part in the great narrative fantasy too. I’ll find a way that isn’t for sheep👍

  2. you suggest marrying soon for those who can but is it really the kind of world one should bring children into? Women don’t appreciate these matters anyway and divorce is an easy sword you could find hanging over your head.

    1. Marriage is no light decision: and if you employ sufficient prudence and rely on good discernment — which if you do not have it, seek the judgement of older men who have been faithful to marriage and never divorced — you will marry well and not fall into such a trap.

      1. My main concern is with the timing of marriage, as you have encouraged it in this video, considering the scenario described in your video “when the FLU season starts…”, which is to soon unfold.

      2. My comment on marriage in this video, has no relation to my video on When the Flu Season Starts. I really do not know how you could think it did.

  3. Singularity is in 2029, according to Ray Kurzweil, the authority on this matter.
    After that, humans are cattle, including the billionaires.

    1. Ray kurzweil is Great friends with “kill” Gates , Gates calls Ray “the best person l know in predicting the future of artificial intelligence”

  4. Succinctly put how can one marry during an apocalypse unfolding or to unfold soon? The concern being that one cannot guarantee a good future or survival for oneself during an Apocalypse least of all for the family.

    1. The end of the world, as Catholics saints indicate it, is still a generation or two off, otherwise, I would advise all to be monks.

      1. at the rate we are going you think it could be 40-50 years away? i was thinking single digits…how do you think so long?
        if you could do a video on that , i would appreciate it. thanks.

  5. Where can we get more information about the “inflection point” that you mentioned in the video?

  6. I have advised my children not to bring children of their own into this world. The world as it is now is rotten to core. What a terrible responsibility!
    Had I any inclination how vile society would become and how quickly I would never have had a family.

    I feel guilty that I have cursed them with such a burden.

    The end cannot come quick enough.

  7. There it is! I will get the book and share with many.
    Thank you both for tackling these difficult questions. With much discernment and thought you have articulated a scenario that makes so much sense. The balance of pushing the “narrative” to a breaking point, but not so far to awaken the masses.
    Thank you AJ and Brother Bugnolo for looking into these things. You have a gift and pray God’s angels continue to guide and protect you. “Amen, Come, Lord Jesus!

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