CANADA: 12 Thousand Trucks are heading to Ottawa to demand Trudeaus’ Resignation

In this video, it claims there are now 19,000 truckers in the Convoy….

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7 thoughts on “CANADA: 12 Thousand Trucks are heading to Ottawa to demand Trudeaus’ Resignation”

  1. OMG…Biden sent Putin a letter? Uproarious! Were it not so darned serious, I’d be rolling on the floor.
    Oval Office ‘Fester the Pesterer’ promised Natural Gas to Germany and Europe AFTER shutting-down the Pipelines? Didn’t hear about this anywhere else.
    Does anybody believe this Ukraine situation to be just a random event happening out of nowhere? As thought the Psychopaths out of Davos have not PLANNED THIS? Putin, Biden, Muslim-Loving/Pachamama-Worshiping Vatican are all acolytes of Hitlerian Schwab committed to MASS CHAOS, MISERY, CONFUSION and DESTRUCTION/DEATH until all bow to kiss RINGS? 😗😙😚😛 And, accept Global SLAVERY through Nazi Communism? Time to arrest, try via ‘Live Stream’ the Criminal Against Humanity and allow the peasants from around the world to determine the fate of the murderers.

    1. They won’t achieve anything unless they are armed and prepared to make sure that the politicians will never undo liberty again, and there is only one way of doing that….

      1. Jesus said “he who is not against me is for me”.

        As a Canadian, I have noticed the last few months, that anyone who is awake to the destructive mandates sweeping across our country, is less likely to mock a person of faith who prays for assistance and shares their faith. Amazing conversations on telegram with total strangers, analyzing how best to strategize to avoid mandates but still keep jobs–lots of God talk!

        The truckers ARE armed with the best way to turn things around–the prayers of other Canadians and like-minded friends around the world who are closely watching this miracle unfold. (including countless Rosary rallies).

        Parliament is just waiting for a violent eruption so arrests can be made and the efforts of the convoy can be undermined on mainstream news. That is how things work in our country.

        We hope in Him without whom, we can do nothing.
        We would appreciate the reassurance of your prayers.


  2. Apparently Trudeau has gone into hiding to avoid being confronted… citing that he is isolating because he apparently stood next to someone who tested “positive” for covid. How convenient, and also cowardly for triple vaxxed Trudeau to not trust his sponsored “safe & effective” product.

    The Canadian media and Vaxzi government have been desperate to paint this as a fringe and possibly racist demonstration. Nobody is buying it. The convoy is huge. I went out with 50 other people on a local overpass today to wave and cheer on the truckers driving by. Heard some sap politician complaining how there are all these “minority fringe” people coming out in numbers apparently large enough to fill up entire overpass sidewalks that it is upsetting the officials who imagine fears about them potentially interfering with oncoming traffic and how they just want everyone to be safe by not doing this. It’s hilarious!

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