22 thoughts on “Christian Warfare: The importance of remaining under Christ’s command & control”

  1. Correct!!!
    Shocking at who is apparently with whom. HEARTBREAKING since it’s clear and a fact of not all those we love to be destined for heaven where God’s children will go…After, purgatory, of course. Rendering to the soul knowing some loved will spend eternity in hell. Time is short and must continue working to save souls. In Jesus name…God bless and Keep all the Faithful.

    1. The Papacy is currently under siege, because all the Cardinals and Bishops broke from the Pope and put a CIA puppet on the throne.

  2. I don’t believe that there’s only one Church an all are lost without it . I believe Jesus died for all sin an a person to accept Him as savior ( born again ) of his Holy Spirit amen. It’s a personal thing God works personally you are the temple a Church is just a meeting place for believers God is everywhere . The Church here is talked about as a corporation or something . Jesus said you must believe an confess sins repent be forgiven .

    1. You have the ability to believe what you want. But only those who believe in every word of Jesus will be saved.

  3. Amigos cono puedo ver los videos en espñol…no se ingles no puedo cambian a español..gracias
    Gloria chile🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  4. I love these videos you are a great teacher. Please continue to do more. Can you maybe do one on former church prophesies by the saints that nobody talks about?

  5. What do you think about the Amish lifestyle? Should the Catholic Church have been advocating its own partially Luddite, agrarian lifestyle from the Industrial Revolution onwards? Is this the way forward and is it possible to live an authentically Catholic life in a city or under the current conditions of capitalism, which will only get worse with advances in AI & biotechnology? I’d like to join a Catholic community, but I don’t view that as realistic in a high population density area like modern cities/towns.
    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.” (Apocalypse 18:4)

    1. I would not call the Amish Luddites, that is insulting. They were founded by a Catholic, who wanted laymen to live like monks. You can live such a lifestyle as a Catholic without becoming one, it’s what was promoted before the French Revolution in the Third Order of St. Francis.

  6. hello br.”we should listen to them” you say about the Lords 2 messengers He will send. how will we know who is legit and who is a fake? our Lord says in Luke that many will come in his name but they will be imposters. this question plagues me daily br, how will we know in your opinion?

    1. His messengers can trace a link back to Him, and teach all that He teaches and are loyal to Him before all else…

      1. i have come across a particular messenger who,in her words, has met the Holy Mother and has been tasked with writing “The book of Truth”. the devil is so evilly clever that he may be using this person to lead this innocent soul down the wrong path and bringing many with her. i believe she believes what she is doing is true and she has a strong faith herself but she may be being manipulated. she is loyal to Christ but how do we know the truth? in short what do you mean ” His messengers can trace a link back to Him”?

      2. The “Book of Truth”author is an Irish atheist lady who desiring to mock the credibility of Catholics complied the book by back dating news stories, so that she could appear a prophetess. She is worse than a witch and is an inveterate liar. Exposed by 3 news agencies in Italy, her rabidly blind followers push her fraud on unsuspecting Catholics world wide, in an operation which is so militant that it appears to be orchestrated by the Masonic Lodge. Have nothing to do with it or her or them.

      3. Message is here, everywhere.
        Only there’s nobody who can listen, still.
        Hypocracy and lack of modesty blocks the “frequency” to “hear”.
        Very few are aware of our sins.
        Sins are not main issue, beliveing is.
        Everyone who chooses “bread” ower “cross” is doomed for repeating purgatory.
        Forgive me brother, i believe you understand me.

  7. Brother, thank you, you are such a good and straightforward teacher. We are in a battle surely, both supernatural and worldly. As we see efforts such as the one going on in Canada, which the world watches hopefully, and the daily battles, can you emphasize how critical it is for people to stay under the banner of Christ. We all forget and want to do our human part, but how can we stay under God’s banner, so the cause is righteous and most importantly, we have God’s blessing. Many do not realize this is absolutely necessary for the outcome. We see how it is, they are legion, and they are powerful.
    Thank you Brother, God bless you.

  8. The Roman Catholic Church Is The Only True Church Given by Jesus To St Peter. Many Holy Pope’s Were Silenced or even murdered by the free masons. Even the pandemic was set up by the free masons forcing people to take the lethal vaccines. Pope Francis as To Keep Silent. That Is His Cross. Free masons in the Vatican control Everything. Read TLIG and Divine Will ( Luisa) and Poem Of The Man God. Hail Hail Queen Of Heaven and earth ( Revelations)
    All Glory and Praise To The Most Holy Trinity 🙏🏻💙💖🙏🏻

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