Mortician’s findings are a Warning to the World about the DeathVaxx

The embalmer testifying in this video is finding these strange worm-length clots in nearly 80% of those who have taken the DeathVaxx and died.

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8 thoughts on “Mortician’s findings are a Warning to the World about the DeathVaxx”

  1. If 50% of deaths in December 2021 had this in the bodies and that jumped to 70% in January 2022 that is a 40% jump. So the less lethal batches of vaccines probably caused these to growin people.

    1. Yes, These clots are growing in everyone that has been vaccinated.. Some faster than others. Apparently certain batches were more potent than others . This sight can help…

  2. The host is interrupting her guest way too much.
    Other than that, it is a good interview.

    I agree with him that you don’t want to put fear in those who have received the deathvax.
    You want to tell them the truth but they have already made the mistake in taking it so the damage is already done.

    God bless

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