World-Wide: The “Vaccines” are causing the increase in Infection Rates

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7 thoughts on “World-Wide: The “Vaccines” are causing the increase in Infection Rates”

  1. Dear Brothers in the Faith, for what is worth,
    I can give You my five cents of familiar experience…
    The 25th of April (“Giorno della Liberazione”), my father
    received the second dose of the ModeRNA vaccine, in
    the hospital Campus Biomedico of Trigoria, in Rome.
    The 10th of May He was almost dying, with 20.000
    white cell count (“polimorfonucleati neutrofili”, that are
    the white cell that fight bacteria with hydrogen peroxide).
    He already had an urinary infection with KLEBSIELLA
    PNEUMONIAE multi-drug-resistant. But His body
    managed to control it to a reasonable grade.
    In the campus B.M. they refused to intern Him because of
    the epidemic of Covid-19. He also had a very bad value
    of Beta Natriuretic Peptide, that was in excess of 3000,
    and more than 1000 means “scompenso cardiaco severo” (severe chronic heart failure). He is actually under Lasix
    and other drugs. But the BNP in December 2021 arrived
    to more than 9000, and I don’t know how much time He
    will live. No hospital in Rome wants to intern him.
    He is considered as a terminal patient.


      1. You can’t hold them liable. The Italian government, like all the rest, granted vaccine manufacturers complete indemnity from liability in 1986. You have a bad reaction to a vaccine? Tough luck: You can’t sue. With what I’ve learned about Big Pharma, Orthodox Medicine, politicians and governments over the last 2 years I will never darken a doctor’s door again!

  2. Sending prayers for your father. It is so difficult to see and hear about so many people being severely injured or killed by the covid “vaccine”. Truly makes my heart and soul hurt! Prayers for you too, Giancarlo, to help you during this very tough time.

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