David Icke: What is happening, and Why? in the Covid Agenda

Editor’s Note: This is a most excellent analysis, which exposes the Globalist agenda. A must watch! — The only grave error is Icke’s personal error that there is only one substantial human consciousness.  The Christian Doctrine and the only truth is that we all have a soul which is immortal, and therefore we have a dignity which is infinitely higher than animals.

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29 thoughts on “David Icke: What is happening, and Why? in the Covid Agenda”

  1. This character is a MI5 agent – controlled oppositon and a proponent of this Great Awakening which is Satanism. A former journalist who years ago on national TV blasphemed by calling himself the ‘Son of God’. A suspected mason of very high degree. Why on earth would anyone listen to this. He seems to know exactly what is happening. His doctor/ GP is none other than Vernon Coleman. Other shills .. Piers Corbyn, Kate Shemirani, Dolores Cahill ( a Druid) etc. We are being PLAYED by both sides.
    I put my trust in God alone and pray for the hastening of the TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY… IT IS COMING!! AVE MARIA

    1. Why would you attack someone who just explained the Globalist plot. I think you are very confused. The truth which a man says, can come forth, even from a jack asses mouth… whether it is true or not is the question. All my sources confirm everything he has said.

      The Immaculate Heart will triumph if we pray and work for it. But Our Lady never said stop from doing all other works of justice, or go along with the Masonic plan for the world.

      If you use the Immaculate Heart as an excuse for not doing these other things, you will only burn in hell for sloth. Our Lady went immediately and helped the needy, she did not say, “My prayers are sufficient.”

      And in this I have told you the bold truth. If you think that is harsh, you have no true devotion to Our Lady, as St. Pius X said, of those who pray the rosary but refuse to imitate Her virtues.

      Indeed, if you feel compelled to attack those who say the truth against Satanists, I think its pretty obvious what spirit is inspiring you. It is certain not that of the Immaculate Virgin.

    2. David Icke has forseen many things what is happening now in the world. He is very accurate on most of the thing and it is such a shame that people still telling the same story all over again about his TV appearance in the 90’s. And yet he is right, he is son of God we all Are! When people will understand that than they can call themselves true belivers.

    3. where did you get this information ?? He is only telling you whats happening in this world ,you dont need to be a christian to know whats happening Read your bible its all there !!

    4. I myself have great difficulty with Icke’s personal views. He has had encounters even more astounding than de Chardin. There is something odd about the man and I am not sure whose side he is on. I reject his call for the masses to rise up aka revolution. His New Age consciousness is not beong guided by good angels, let us say. Yet, much of what he has said is spot on. There is a power play in the spiritual world and the bad angels are NOT united. They pit us against each other and the end result is our demise if we allow them to influence our decisions and actions. I am skeptical of everyone who is reporting any kind of information these days because we are being manipulated left, right and sideways. Even the so-called good guys may be, as you say, controlled opposition, or they could just be mistaken because we are all under a very dark cloud now. These are evil times. Truly evil. We have to discern and be prudent. Icke does not know everything, but he does know something. Why is he being allowed to tell us? Perhaps God is allowing it so as to bring about good. What we mean for evil God uses for good. I will listen to what he has to say and then file it for discernment. Take care.

    5. Prove it. As it looks to me the real shills are not them… you washed together names, half of them has my full trust, half are not but still – to call them shills is a bit far fetched – so prove it!
      P. Corbyn was one of the first to warn the public about the danger of 5G, 5G, a topic that hardly anyone dares to mention let alone criticize. Shemirani was among the first to raise awareness to the masses about the false germ-theory – while the Big Pharma present power based on the fear of germs.
      Icke is a more interesting character but still is among the first to openly publish articles about everything inc. 5G, inc. the false germ-theory or now that people are tagged and have MAC Addresses. His belief is none of our business and I doubt that that would be a satanist one. We must be united to win, it is not the time – sorry – for crusades.

      1. I know dozens of fellow Catholics who have been mentally conditioned by controlled opposition clergy to not think, to not criticize and to not find fault except with those who are not Catholics. It’s how they controlled us to allow the auto destruction of our own Churches and to control what sources of information we have on all topics. The natural Catholic response is to be critical with non Catholics in matters of religion, but not in matters of science of politics, unless the errors which the person espouses in religion keep him from speaking the truth in those other topics. This limit test finds Icke a truth teller or at least someone who should be heard out if not believed on every point. We Catholics have to avoid paranoia and candidly admit we have as many liars in our own Church about the Pandemic as everyone else, so its hypocritial to lash out at someone like Icke when Bergoglio is telling the world, Takeing the vaxx is an act of love, and raking in 100s of millions of euros profit from the vaxx sponsorhip in Papal hospitals.

  2. Definitely agree with Icke . They want to weaken and destroy the west and white people . Then they can implement their society.

    1. One cannot argue with Icke’s observations and connections. He is merely laying out what is going on right before our very eyes. Knowing enough about his beliefs and experiences, I get the sense of being mocked, almost like when Satan encourages you to sin and then beats you up for it. Icke has serious insight, but considering his past, I don’t think it is coming from a good place. I do not condemn him. I am just wary. Satan is not in charge. God is and He will use evil to accomplish good. Again, I am not saying Icke is evil, but I will say his past is highly questionable and his beliefs are simply wrong. Jesus became Incarnate, taking on human flesh. To say that flesh means nothing is just wrong, but Icke is not a Christian so he does not get it. I hope someone has told him about Jesus. God have mercy on us all.

      1. … and you work hard on killing his character as can’t argue on his observations.
        Even with the reptilian tale(?) he has a point. Who approved the VI Paul Audience hall? Look for photos if you wouldn’t know what I am talking about. Who financed it? Who designed it?
        I always saw the reptilian-tale to be a weapon of our enemies, if you believe that your enemy superior on any way, you give up but fight. But the sings are everywhere, psyop or real, they are everywhere.
        The Hungarian PM said a good thing back then: Don’t listen (believe) what I say, but watch what I do. Icke did enormous work to enlighten us about the globalist danger, it’s fact. The rest is not my business.

      2. The reptilian hall of Paul VI is an urban myth. Try spending 3 minutes and look at a real photo undoctored of the Hall.

    2. They want to destroy white people, whom they regard as superior in intelligence, and their history so they can re-write history again! Every time they re-write history, they are always the heroes. They’ve been doing this for several centuries – concealing their true identity.

  3. Dear Br. Bugnolo, thank you for this video. It is very interesting to hear David Icke talking about real subjects instead of extraterrestial lizards. The question is, who told him to do so?

    1. He was always talking about real subjects too.
      See: 1989 – It doesn’t have to be like this
      1992- Love changes everything
      Etcetera… Do your research before you judges. Most of all if you don’t know his work and you haven’t read his books you form your
      judgment based from what you read in the media it is very wrong. Probably he isn’t right in everything, nobody is, but he sees clearly and telling people his true. And I am sure it is not because he is an M15 agent😅

  4. They are playing a game of chess with us. They have many pieces on the board and we cannot see from which they attack next. It could be a cyber attack, could be a war, could be a revolution against national governments, could be a fake alien invasion, could be an economic collapse, could be a surprise we don’t see. If we see a move ahead, they plan two moves ahead, etc. Satan has had a long time to plan out the apocalypse, and I think his plan evolves as we make moves, and he has contingencies for every contingency.

    Because of scripture we know the mark of the beast to buy or sell is coming in the future. We also know a one world government and one world religion is coming, because antichrist plans on replacing Christ and wielding ultimate worldly power.

  5. We all have our personal histories and experiences which make us unique in this regard. Although I don’t fully agree 100% with everything he’s stated over the years, David Icke, who had a soul-awakening experience over 30 years ago, has been trying to open people’s minds for decades and in the process, has challenged our inner conscious self to question our present reality and act in a manner that is humanly and divinely just. The fact that he has so many detractors, in my reasoning, reveals that his message is a danger to many and we all know who they are.

    1. I guess I am a proud demon for heeding the counsel of the Apostle St. Paul, who said test everything and retain what is good. I find it distasteful and very uncooth to unload ad hominems upon a man who says the truth, simply because he one unloading does not agree or like his personal history. Baalam’s ass spoke to rebuke him in his desire to find fault with the People of God. I will stick with scripture, and gladly accept your insult.

      However, as regards comments, I generally never publish a comment which attacks anyone’s reputation showing no correlation between that and what they say. Perhaps it was imprudent of me even to post Verity’s comment, but I am losing patience with commentators who insist that I do not publish what I publish because they want to control the content on FromRome.Info and who use insults and coercion to pressure me to do their will and not follow my own judgement or objective reasons.

  6. Brother Bugnolo, Mr. Icke can be hypnotizing. Stay away from him. Stop encouraging your followers to listen to him. He lives on The Isle of White, a coven of the Brotherhood of Death. He probably never mention Cabbalism. I’ll stick with Henry Makow.

  7. David Icke lives in a small one bedroomed apartment on the Isle of Wight, an island just off the south coast of England. There is nothing strange about this island at all. Over the decades he has been accused of many things from being a freemason, a lunatic, a multi millionaire and the owner of a fleet of expensive cars who lives in a huge mansion, a MI5 AND MI6 agent and a host of other ridiculous claims no one has ever been able to prove.

    He had a profound experience in his 30s which changed his way of thinking after a career as a professional football player and later as a TV sports commentator. Everyone wrongly said he claimed to be the son of God. He never ever claimed this. Instead he said he was the son of the godhead, a completely different thing, and that all of us were the sons and daughters of the godhead which he sees as a universal consciousness. People are not forced to believe what he believes but the least they could do is understand what he is saying without ridiculing and attacking him for things he never said.

    In this interview from1991 he explains his views, states he and everyone else is an aspect of Christ consciousness and talks about free will.


    The predictions he makes in the interview did actually happen in the year he said they would: 9 earthquakes, 1 flood, 2 landslides, 3 tornadoes, 6 tropical cyclones and 10 natural disasters in the U.S alone.


    In this interview he explains yet again what he means about all of us being the children of God. The amount of times he has explained this has bordered on having the patience of a saint! He is a very original thinker and very perceptive. I suspect the claims some people make about him are made by those who are actually what they accuse him of being.


    Here’s Icke’s “mansion” and fleet of expensive cars on the Isle of Wight!


  8. While fully cognizant that Icke is an ardent New Age devotee, and having posted on this site previously that we have to indeed be very careful today in a world of almost universal deception, I would like to add here that this was a very good presentation by Icke and we can learn very much from it.

    If the full 3rd Secret of Fatima had been revealed we would be much better off– but, alas, it has NOT. As a result, we do the best we can (with a huge reliance on prayer) amidst TERRIBLE and PERILOUS DARKNESS to be “wise as serpents, but guileless as doves.”

    Thus, being obsessed with “who” allowed him to speak as he did is counter-productive as long as we are alert and “know our enemy.” Such that even if Icke is most assuredly controlled by the “cabal” that he professes to fight, we can still learn from him. There is a Satanic/occult dictum that requires that the adepts reveal in advance what they will do. This is why Satanic Hollywood is saturated with “predictive programming” — not just revealing what eventually does happen, but often well in advance. Thus, we can learn a lot from those on the other team. Aldous Huxley, for example, told us in the 1930s what would happen. Thus informed and alerted, we know what to fight and expose. But with the same extreme mentality as some here have commented, they would not even read Huxley!! or the Rockefeller documents! or keep an eye on Rockefeller and Rothschild agents and mouthpieces like Dr. Henry Killinger. We MUST keep abreast of what our enemies are doing and saying and predicting!! And Icke speaks very much truth in this particular presentation.

    We must indeed realize 2 huge realities: 1) It is very possible 99% of the so-called “truth-tellers” are working for the enemy; and 2) at this point, even the vast majority of so-called “Catholic” news outlets have been highjacked and are not trustworthy. Realizing this dreadful state of affairs, we still have an obligation to try to understand what is going on so as not to fall into the many pits that have opened and will continue to open for us. Thus, ignoring all the controlled opposition will leave us very ignorant of what is going on. Thank you, Brother, for posting this Icke presentation.

    1. I think it is quite harsh to say that 99% of the truth tellers are controlled opposition. Rather, since the whole society world wide has been flooded with globalist propaganda for generations, even among truth tellers there can be and is a need to be further redpilled, because every narrative piece of the globalists which we believe is a system for them to control us.

  9. Agreed. It was a bit of a hyperbole to make a point. Nevertheless, I proceed very, very slowly before ‘”trusting” any so-called “truth-teller” and keep a big guard up almost across the board. Having known personally one very well known truther, he was always very definitely in fear of his life….genuinely….

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