The NWO and DeathSwabs role in that: A Cautionary Speculation

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Editor’s note: This is one of the most complete exposés of the Transhuman Hive Mind Program so far compiled in one video. It is a must watch for the whole family.

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10 thoughts on “The NWO and DeathSwabs role in that: A Cautionary Speculation”

      1. Yes he is actually. His father changed their last name “because there were too many prominent jews in america.”

      2. According to the PDF cited in the previous comment he did not change his name. And according to that PDF there is no proof he was Jewish, because it never cites proof that any grandfather or grandmother was a jew. Many protestants took Old Testament names, that does not mean they were Jews.

  1. A masterpiece documentary for the entire family, entire human race. Well summarised and articulated.

    God bless you real good.

  2. I wouldn’t let children watch this unless your goal is to make neurotic, nervous wrecks out of them.
    Children need security and safety in order to grow. Children and young people are suffering very high levels of depression and anxiety. Suicide attempts and actual suicides rates are high, as are depression, drug use, etc.
    A responsible parent must protect their children from information they can’t possibly process. I wouldn’t let my child under 16 watch this, and only then if they are cognitively and emotionally able to deal with it. Many adults can’t deal with things like this, let alone children.
    Let them be kids, while they can. It’s so brief.

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