Bergoglio has begun to limp toward the Particular Judgement

English Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At his Wednesday Audience, Jorge Mario Bergoglio — the Cardinal of Buenos Aires who usurped the Papacy in 2013, and is known to many as “Pope Francis” — did not greet those present in person, because as he said,

“Today, I will not be able to walk among you, I have a problem in the right leg, the joint at the knee is inflamed”

One of the known side effects of the DeathVaxx in the elderly is onset of acute Rheumatoid Arthritis, due to the fact that the immune system of the body attacks the body itself in the joints.

Bergoglio added, “I do not know why this is happening to me”, in one of his regular, pre-planned tipical denials, when he knows well the cause, and wants to feign innocence.

The particular judgement is the term in Catholic doctrine which names the moment when the soul stripped of the body in death, stands before Christ the King to be judged.

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19 thoughts on “Bergoglio has begun to limp toward the Particular Judgement”

    1. Let’s pray rather for all the people, and children, Bergoglio has murdered body and soul.

      Let’s pray, rather, for Holy Father Benedict, the one and only Vicar of Christ on Earth.

      And let’s pray for the purification of ourselves and Holy Mother Church via the Rosary to the Interior as we approach Candlemas and the Feast of the Purification of Our Blessed Lady and Queen.

      We pray for the the antipope, Pseudo-Pope “Francis” Jorge Mario Bergoglio solely to the extent he converts and dies a Christian, and stops persecuting the Church and her children. We oppose him absolutely and 100% until then.

      Our Lady of Fatima, destroyer of all heresies, the Immaculate Heart,

      Pray for us.

    1. Pretty much what I have expected after listening to Dr. Ryan Cole. Oncologists are noticing increased cancer rates due to the effect on the immune system he described. Pathologists and morticians are the first to notice when things change then the life insurance companies notice.

      While ADE is the classic reason there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine, it would seem that the mRNA technology adds a few more surprises.

      The uprisings tell me that maintaining control of the people who didn’t take the shot is not going to be easy. These are people who said no despite the pressure and threats. I expect that more than a few government officials are going to come to a bad end. I am a bit surprised that France isn’t partying like its 1789.

  1. Fratello Alexis, io non capisco il tuo commento.. Se Bergoglio è a conoscenza di tutto il piano di sterminio tramite i vaccini, come può lui stesso aver fatto il vaccino sapendo che esso fa male? Vuole suicidarsi forse? Io non penso che lui abbia il ginocchio infiammato causato dal vaccino, perché se lui sa tutto ciò non vedo il motivo perché avrebbe dovuto iniettarsi il siero..

  2. Meanwhile, Pope Benedict does jumping jacks… thanks be to God our Holy Father Benedict XVI, after 16 years of carrying a pacemaker (twice the amount of years a human person is expected to live with one in their bodies), is as healthy as they come.

  3. I still pray for Jorge Bergoglios soul despite him being the destroyer and detesting him
    Thanks be to God our true Athair Benedict is still thriving Amen 🙏

    1. There is no hope for him. He is a Satanist and has been for a long time. He has been murdering children for many years and most likely drinking their blood. Pray for someone capable of being redeemed. Bergolio is not, nor does he want to be saved. His heavenly father is Lucifer. Why feel sorry for a creature who had no mercy on small children. The Bible states it is better to tie a millstone around someone’s neck who harms God’s children and through them into the sea.

  4. You must be daft if you think PF got the “real” death-shot. When they’ve posed for their vaccination photo-ops, all the VIP’s around the world have received placebos. In a number of cases it was obvious that the “nurse” didn’t even inject the person, like we saw with actor Anthony Hopkins. And you will recall the totally wrong syringe being used for Australia’s PM Scott Morrison.
    The Vatican has claimed that B16 got the shot long ago. Do you believe that too?

    1. Insulting others is no way to begin the exposition of one’s own argument or opinion, but since you appear to think that Masons never deceive their inferiors or that they do not plan ahead to put in worse men upon arranging the fall or exit of their own pawns I will omit responding to your comment.

    2. Well, the President of the European Union, David Sassoli. who I knew personally 25 years ago when I lived in Rome and who was a member of the pro-Soros and funded Partito Democratico, died recently from immune system complications after receiving the third dose. Thus, we can surmise that many of them have been deceived and will be dropping off shortly. Satan, my friend, is the Great Deceiver and will tempt all souls, weak or strong. That is his mission.

  5. Francis is also full of beans in his children’s book ( he answers children’s questions in book)—He said as an altar boy he fell carrying the heavy Gospel book ( from one side of the altar to another)—He could have asked for a different task ( many altar boys served back then with various functions)—He also said the priest faced a “wall and not the people ” ( the priest was facing eastwards in respect to Christ [this was done for centuries])—and no respect given at all because Mass was said in Latin ( said he + his other altar boy confreres made up words as they couldn’t understand the Latin)

    1. I have yet to see a spiritual dimension to Francis—He is very much this worldly ( and so has become all Vatican II sect monasteries [ helping illegal immigrants etc] –all of this is possible mainly because the sacraments themselves were changed )

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