CANADA: Ottawa Trucker Convoy Surrounds Parliament (Video)

The support is so widespread that protests are breaking out across Canada:

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15 thoughts on “CANADA: Ottawa Trucker Convoy Surrounds Parliament (Video)”

  1. Isn’t it amazing to behold what government workers, health officials, and media pundits will say when their paycheques depend on it?

  2. Nova Scotia, Canada:

    Effective immediately–

    “all persons are prohibited from stopping parking or operating a vehicle or putting any item in such a manner as to create or contribute to a partial or complete blockade of the normal flow of vehicle traffic on a road, street or highway in the province.”

    In addition to the broad rules, the edict names the “2022 Freedom Convoy” specifically, making it a crime punishable by up to $100,000 dollars to participate in, finance, aid, encourage, or support “an interruption of the normal flow of vehicle traffic” in relation to the convoy.

  3. I’m impressed by these convoys. But what annoys me is this law-abiding citizen crap. They rob you of all freedoms, try to kill you and then they gather and say all action has to be peaceful. Don’t be a victim. Fight! Take them out of their houses and hang them on the next lamp posts!

  4. They might blame truckers for the coming shortages. Even if they succeed they will change one mason with a another because almost all westerners believe the same as masons do (even most catholics). I don’t see a solution other than with a Catholic King after a terrible crisis. But it is just my little opinion.

    1. Allen Duke is about as Quebecois a name as a pecan pie from Georgia. And on his bookshelf I see the esoteria Man as the center of the cosmos by Davinci and a statue of a Roman/Greek Statesmen, so, yes, I think Duke is controlled opposition or at least a YTer who is jealous someone is paying attention to someone other than he.

  5. People do not fully understand the magnitude of this movement, I felt it concretely on the road. Today 30-01-2022 at 2 p.m. I traveled 100 km on the highway from east to west to arrive in Montreal, Quebec.

    Me and my son were shocked to find that there were almost no trucks on the highway in the opposite direction. The number of trucks includes Montreal (island where trucks from the USA pass through to access the Canadian road system) on the city’s largest highways. We passed about 20 trucks instead of about more than 300 trucks as usual!

    Make your deductions but for my part I believe that the truckers were not worked today and maybe for a good long time to support those in Ottawa! As our Canadian media block all information, just go on a highway to see!

    If you really want to see the situation in Ottawa, Ontario you have to go to google map traffic and zoom in to see that all the bridges have been blocked by the government and so the trucks are blocked on the suburb . The choice of the location of the parliament was decided a long time ago strategically and geographically. There is a river to the north and another to the east. Currently you have to go see the streets south of the parliament which are obstructed by thousands of trucks and the suburbs which are also obstructed by trucks which have been blocked from entering the parliament area!

    For my part, I stopped at a grocery store to stock up!

    I gave to the movement (FREEDOM CONVOY 2022) and it’s the best heart investment I’ve made in my life! Canada is very big and it is difficult for these citizens to lead this fight in real time at -25 degrees in Ottawa! I’m proud of them, they represent a strength of our country!

  6. This situation which has engulfed the world is insane. People following these Ridiculous un scientific mandates by a bunch of Satanical globalist are insane. I support The Brave people fighting against the New NAZIS. The politicians need to go. Citizen arrest for these Satanist. Lock them up, they have committed crimes against humanity.

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