BREAKING: If fraud was involved in E.U.A.’s, Pfizer, Moderna etc. will go bankrupt

Editor’s Note: This video does not interview a nobody, but rather, a former executive of BlackRock Investments, who holds that it seems very likely Pfizer et. alia made fraudulent claims to obtain the Emergency Use Authorization, and therefore will NOT be shielded by immunity for liability for any and all deaths and injuries. — THIS IS MASSIVE NEWS.

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING: If fraud was involved in E.U.A.’s, Pfizer, Moderna etc. will go bankrupt”

  1. This is PfizerGate I was talking about. It is well known that huge amounts of money are betted on Pfizer et al going under. And with it corrupt politicians and the bought off presstitutes.

  2. Your estate belongs to those you harmed.

    Your life belongs to the State you harmed.

    Let your crimes and punishment stand as a warning to all who might be tempted to follow in your misbegotten footsteps.

  3. If I was Anthony Fauci (and his ilk), I would hire a personal car starter.

    That’s assuming that he could find that much of a risk taker.

    1. 60% of the population risked their lives taking the bullsh😬t jabs.. Plenty of risk takers out there!

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