High Resolution Photographs of a Covid Swab show why it is so dangerous

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5 thoughts on “High Resolution Photographs of a Covid Swab show why it is so dangerous”

  1. Remember: the swabs and the masks don’t have any certificates or proof of being save.
    They are a chinese product of very fast, very cheap labor.
    What could go wrong?

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I knew the tests were dangerous, but this adds a whole other layer.

  3. My husband has already been denied a CAT scan for elevated blood in his urine because we have not taken the death Jab or the swab test and they require it to be seen in the state of California for medical even to get a CAT scan.
    Further, doctors in the state of California USA will be worse than fired if they even give a letter of medical exemption they will basically lose their ability to practice medicine permanently.
    Kyrie Eleison

  4. These test swabs are clearly HORRIFIC — and are clearly another vector through which to DAMAGE and POISON humanity — and possibly even “vaccinate” people. Even though many of us were already certain that the “tests” were stealth jabs (or were at the very least poisonous), we can now see why there is such a big national campaign currently underway to distribute FREE “home test kits” to literally everyone. My local hospital got thousands of these “test kits” from the government (for “free” — i.e., taxpayer paid) and is now undertaking to get them absolutely everywhere in their community.

    The “covid” war against humanity is still raging in full force, even as restrictions are easing in some localities. We must remain very alert and vigilant.

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