In Sicily, a Highschool Teacher protests by burning himself alive

This tragedy has no words sufficient to describe it. Fired from his job because he would not take the death vax, and because of this having lost his pension, a teacher in Sicily went to the local Police Station of the Carabinieri and set himself on fire. This is not a video fit  for children.

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13 thoughts on “In Sicily, a Highschool Teacher protests by burning himself alive”

    1. We are quick to point the finger at God but don’t forget who did this to this poor man – it was us humans who has ruined this once beautiful world that God created which is now a world of pain and sorrow!! God is good man is in inherently bad and selfish!

    2. He’s not dead. But crippled for good. Physically painful years lie ahead for this poor guy. Watch the movie “Sauver ou périr” with Pierre Money and you know what I mean.

  1. I am Sicilian and did not read about this in the regional papers. I noticed however that someone did upload this video the other day on BitChute. I’ve checked the on-line daily “La Sicilia” and found nothing, but there was something about the Shoah as you’d probably guess!!! My Sicilian snide cynical sarcasm!! Nonetheless, what strikes me is the man’s strength to be able to endure all that still standing….povero cristo! May the people who caused this poor man to lose all hope get the Divine Justice they will rightfully receive. That means you Mario Draghi!!

  2. Well, there are no many martyrs today (he is not – he did it himself). The man was unable to accept that his standard of life can decline due to his convictions.

  3. Brother Bugnolo, I saw you didn’t published one on my comment, no problem, I understand and you was right. I know when someone fights for humanity it can be very overwhelming demanding all of the time of the person. On my way I try to do the same in the last two years, no break, no proper sleeping I read after ‘everything’ and try to publish as much as I can to wake up the masses. But I am sorry, I am very tired. Br Bugnolo, I desperately looking for something to believe, a support, an emotional support, anything to keep me going but as I wrote I don’t have this believe. I always saw religion as the biggest con to manipulate the masses, the carrot and stick, you are good – heaven, you are bad, you’ll burn forever. I never was need to the ‘carrot and stick’ I have an inside compass to know what is good and what is wrong. But still – I am sorry – I desperately looking for something to lift me, to give me hope, not in heaven just … I don’t know. I so envy those who can have a firm believe, I really do. But I can’t. I am sorry for robbing your time during times like these, what should I do, where should I turn for a bit emotional support to keep me going? Why I feel so connected to animals but people? Why all my ‘miracles’ came from interactions with animals but people? Please forgive me. While I am not a Christian, not even a real believer I know that true Christians are good people and highly educated – that’s why I try to ‘use’ you. In the past two years I fetched all of my time, even my nights to read after ‘everything’. I knew since the first China news that it was a big hoax. I also knew that it was serious as everyone acted together. I was personally badly affected. First my kittens ( I am a breeder) went down with an illness which – according to the vet – is not existent, not known. That was the point we understood after some research that it was some kind of radiation poisoning. My kittens are my ‘children’. Since then they killed my uncle, he dropped dead after 10 days of his Pfizer. My mother got Alzheimer on steroids after her Pfizers. My only best friend – a nurse in Hungary – was coerced to have the shot. Her mother is recovering from ‘covid’ – not vaccinated. I can’t make my voice, research to be heard of – like as if radiation poisoning it should be treated accordingly.
    My husband was sent to a catholic school by his hypocrite mother, but he is still grateful to the high level of real education he had there.

    Again, sorry for wasting your time, I am exhausted, I need some support to carry on. While I don’t share your believe, I think you are someone worth to trust. If you have any good advice to me to find peace, support, strength to carry on please help. Thank you. Helga

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