John Parsons interviews Br. Bugnolo: The Trucker Convoy & the Great Reset


Countdown Radio produces a program for Christians which is aired in Minneapolis at 7 AM on Sunday Morning. After a report about the Trucker Convoy, John Parsons asks Br. Bugnolo whether he sees this event as a reaction to the Great Reset and what it might tell us about the future of popular discontent and Globalist reprisals. My interview begins at 16:07 into this recording.

By the way, if Trudeau thinks the Trucker Convoy has ended, he has seen nothing yet:

And, one wonders how the Castro-look-alike Globalist puppet thinks of this:

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5 thoughts on “John Parsons interviews Br. Bugnolo: The Trucker Convoy & the Great Reset”

  1. @AdinaDSC (Adina de S)
    Do not post false or inaccurate info!!

    Sophie Gregoire is Justin Trudeau’s CURRENT wife–they are NOT divorced.

    People are donating to the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy GoFundMe page anonymous using other people’s names.

    Got it?

    Truth and 100% truthful information is essential to fighting tyranny. St.Michael the archangel wins with the sword of Truth.

    @AdinaDSC’s (Adina de S) entry in this article should be removed, as it’s irresponsible to post inaccurate information.

  2. Hi there,

    There are loads of good footage of the Canadian and now Aussi truckers on gettr
    This is the best one to follow:

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