Mattarella re-elected President, to guarantee the rape of the Italian Constitution

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The election of Sergio Mattarella, current President of the Italian Republic, to a second term represents a defeat for both Mario Draghi and the Italian People.

For Mario Draghi, it was his last chance to obtain immunity for all his misdeeds, since Prime Ministers in Italian law are, unlike Parliamentarians and the President, not immune if they are not a MP at time of their election.

For Italy, too, it was a defeat, since in the last 2 years and in his very first term, Mattarella has stood in favor of every transgression of the Italian Constitution. And that is why he is so beloved of the despotic political class which is making Italy worse than any Latin American bannana dictatorship.

It is strongly rumoured, however, that Mattarella will support another Draghi government. The Italian PM must tender his resignation upon the election of the President, as a formal courtesy. This means that in one sense, Draghi might have more power, but in another sense, be weaker, in a second government mandate, because it is evident that the Parliament does not want to admit him to their political privileges.

This may mean that Draghi will be more susceptible to the malcontent of his coalition government on continuing the extreme Covid-19 regulations, as more and more supporters of each member of that alliance, speak out against the DeathVaxxes and the absurd irrational controls.

If I am correct in this assessment, the Covid controls may soon come to an end in Italy.

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