Where are all the deaths?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Globalists trolls are saying that I exaggerate when I say 2 Billion will die or that people will start dropping dead on the side walk by summer.

They could not give a bleep about how many die.

I however mourn each soul.

So to keep their memories alive, here are just a few tweets which I saw from today, without even searching, which show the true story. Please note that all these tweets are from Jan. 31, 2022!


Do I need to go on?

For the deranged psychopathic globalist trolls, the only problem here is Br. Bugnolo warning people not to commit suicide. I think these trolls will burn in hell, after dying of the DeathVaxx, which they love more than life and truth.

Are the Covid-19 Vaccines the cause. Here is some data, you decide:

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14 thoughts on “Where are all the deaths?”

  1. The most heinous mass murder crime spree aka Global Genocide that shades the holocaust by a factor of what 10, committed by psychopathic murdering evil satanic Globalists ie WEF WHO UN the R families, Bildebergs Davos HRH Charlie & Co all 197 UN signed up national Govt leaders ie China the chief henchman, EU UK USA Ca Oz Nz South America, Event 201 NWO Great Reset Agenda 21/30/50 a Globalist Criminal Depop/Eugenicist Empire of traitors unparalleled in human history, who all should face the firing squad.
    Christ is the Lord Chief Justice and vengeance is His says Our Lord.

      1. Nell, your list was almost exhaustive so I think we can forgive your missing out the horned toad AKA Soros!

  2. Dr. Milos Scanderian, WHO doctor that has patented the graphene oxyde in 2015 as hematologic biological weapon, has given 3-8 years of life to them who receive the “vaxxine”.

  3. Some people still try to avoid the truth of the horror we are in. They ask, if there has been so many deaths from the death jabs where are all the burials and cremations? One possible answer is Alkaline Hydrolysis.

    This unbelievable procedure has been around since the early 2000s and involves liquefying human corpses with water, caustic acid and high temperatures for a number of hours, breaking the human body down into its chemical components. All that remains of the body is the skeleton which can be crumbled by hand with the ash given to the relatives. The rest of the liquefied remains is then either flushed into the sewer or given to farmers as ‘free fertilizer’ the source of which he is not told about ! In this way food is grown from the remains of human corpses. It sounds like something from a horror movie but is actually done in a number of countries. It avoids having to dig mass graves or the smoke from crematoriums being seen by drones or satellites. It is marketed as the new clean, green” body disposal in the lie of the climate change narrative.



    Another possible way of masking large numbers of deaths is body storage facilities. Last year the British government put out a contract for companies to provide body storage facilities for a period of 4 years, the value of the contract being £6,000,000. I guess they think the bodies can be buried or cremated at a more gradual pace without arousing suspicions of why there are so many hearses on the roads !


    1. Or they are planning a massive extinction event and that is the reason for large body storage facilities. Here in the U.S., FEMA has set up 4 large hubs like this for bodies along the New Madrid Fault Line. I have also heard of very large mortuary refrigerators being installed covertly in various Walmarts which conveniently have run out of most food items. They are not restocking. I have read about the liquid cremation, it took me years to get comfortable with regular cremation but this I can not endorse. This however is the first time I have heard of the liquified remains being given to farmers to fertilize crops. Here they are simply flushing it into the municipal water supply which is just as bad if not worse. How sad that the dead today are being disrespected in such a way.

      1. They could be planning that but then they could have done that two years ago without going through the fakery of a scam ‘pandemic’. They could gather millions of people under the pretext of a fake imminent natural disaster and then exterminate them in one place. Doing that at this late stage though would arouse a lot of suspicions. It could easily backfire with many people heading in the opposite direction with the psycho globalists failing to achieve their goal.

        I am sure the FEMA camps have been set up because they are expecting a lot of deaths. On the other hand, it’s possible they are there to imprison the unvaccinated and head off an uprising amongst them. Using them as body storage facilities they would still have to bury, cremate or liquefy them eventually. Maybe they plan on doing it gradually so nothing appears out of the ordinary? Giving the remains to farmers as ‘fertilizer’ avoids the problem of some water companies refusing a licence to flush the remains down the sewer. This refusal has happened a number of times.

    2. I don’t think they went to such expense but that they disposed of the bodies in the usual ways and attributed the deaths to other causes. And that this will continue. Then they will adjust the statistics and/or explain them away. For example, the military statistics of increased heart attacks could just be due to an aging military population. Nothing to see here folks, move on…

  4. My best friend’s 80-year-old father had cardiac arrest and died within 2 weeks after getting the DeathVaxx. (She had made him promise he wouldn’t get it but he did so without telling her, she learned after his death). Another friend’s 74-year-old sister, trim, fit, healthy, suddenly dropped dead not long after the booster. An acquaintance, 72, developed painful sores and skin rashes after the shot & is no better months later. Another in her late 60s started having mini-strokes after the shot.

    My world is not that big, but all of this has touched it.

  5. The Godless luciferian Govts. of the World will do all possible to cover the deaths. The only means possible to have any accurate number involves monitoring public communications directing Emergency Response Teams who transport bodies from actual private and public locations…And, I know of no Monitoring Org. which are National.

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