Welcome to 2022 A. D., and Beware of 2:22 AM on Feb. 22nd!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Welcome to the Two-Thousand and Twenty-second year of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

But beware, that since our governments have been taken over by Satanists, they are going to make much of 2 0 2 2,

Be especially cautious of 2:22 A. M. on 02/22 in 2022, since that adds up to 666.

Beware of what? I do not know. A Blackout? A Stockmarket crash? The election of Bergoglio’s successor (he would have to die or resign sometime after Feb 1st to cause a possible election on that date).

There are probably other days and moments in the year that these psychopaths will mark with their infamies. Perhaps you can think of them and suggest them in the comments, below:

As Christians, we need to counter Satanism with prayer to Christ Jesus and the use of the sign of the Cross and blessed Crosses.

A large wooden hand-held cross is also a good self-defense weapon, but I jest.

We Catholics and the Orthodox also have holy water, which is blessed and/or exorcised, and clearly this is hateful to the Globalists, since they removed it from all our Churches in the name of “sanitary guidelines”.

So get prepared. Resist. And fight back, first of all spiritually.