Canadian Army Veteran rebuts the divisive lies of Trudeau about the Convoy

And there is more to the story, than the MSM would have you know….

And it looks like Castro’s look-alike in hiding is going to have to hide for some time…
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6 thoughts on “Canadian Army Veteran rebuts the divisive lies of Trudeau about the Convoy”

    1. Trudeau only won a minority government with 32.92% of the popular vote. He only received 21% of all eligible voters’ votes. So he does not even have a clear mandate. The only reason he remains in power is due to the communistic support by the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. We Canadians do NOT support this terrible leader.

  1. Those Canadian Liberal Constituantes Who And Whom Voted For P.M. Justin Trudeau Should all Be Proud Of Themselves all
    across Canada-He Had and Has Trampled Upon-Stomped-Upon
    and even thrown Yous – his Own Constituantes as well under the bus- pushing and forcing everyone to getting Vaccinated and Or
    faceing -their job losses- What this means Is : Rouge Tyrant – Tyrantical- Dictator Warlord At His Best-being Treasonous but
    Suppressive Towards Everyone In Canada- Hum What Nice Guy,So Where is your Democracys-Freedoms-Freewills-rights
    to libertys,rights and privileges,now people that he has taken
    away from yous all and your family loved ones.Once a rouge
    tyrant always will be a Tyrant

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