Pope Benedict XVI, yesterday, and the issue of his health & imprisonment

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Vatican for 8 years has effectively imprisoned Pope Benedict XVI. I have written on this before. in 2019, and it was taken up by George Neumayer, months later.  I reposed that question 2 weeks later. And further reports, such as here, here, here and here,  confirmed that common opinion held my many Catholics: because there is absolutely no reason in the world to block the mail and news to a retired pope, nor to insist that he return to the Vatican after a mere 2 days with his dying brother, rather than stay at his side until the end. — UNLESS he is a prisoner, and he knows he is a prisoner, and the Vatican knows he is the true pope.

There is also no reason to put specially guards especially trained in manipulation around a man if he is free, as I reported above.

So, having cared for my mother in her last years of life, and seen what happens to those who approach death, I am very concerned about Pope Benedict XVI’s rapid decline in health in the last 12 months.

He is younger than his brother, so he should have another 3 strong years of life, and he has had better opportunities at health care as Supreme Pontiff for the last 16 years, so his health should be in excellent condition.

However, in the last year it seems that he is being given a restricted calorie and protein diet.  News reports also claim that the Vatican has triple DeathVaxxed him, and convinced him to take them. Ganswein is the prime suspect in that attempted murder.

So I surmise there is a plot afoot to murder him by various means before Bergoglio dies to ensure a Bergoglian occupation of the papacy until the end of time.

The recent photo of the Holy Father, from the evening of January 31, 2022, seen above, strengthens my suspicion, as he has lost considerable body mass since his last public photo in June of 2021.

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18 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI, yesterday, and the issue of his health & imprisonment”

  1. it seems like they are starving him to death. I know, the what ifs on how to get him nourishment and such to get him back on solids, was thinking the beer that was made during the life of St. Conrad Of Parzham at the friary of Altotting; was special for lent; was like a meal replacement drink. But, we would have to free him and get proper doctors and nurses to help him.

  2. My heart breaks looking at Him and thinking of His suffering at the hands of Evil Bergoglio and his cohorts

  3. Praying for the Holy Father’s health. If Pope Benedict is the Pope to flee Rome per prophecy [when Russia overruns Europe], it might improve his health to be away from those jackals and in the care of people who love him.

    1. And there are still those who laugh, when it is said that Pope Benedict XVI has been imprisoned by the Freemasons. As for the cleric making the sign, he is a Monsignor, I believe, who are aggregated to the Pontifical Household, not a cardinal. Nevertheless, he may just not know how to hold his hands for a photo op. The masons have so many hand signs, on reason, to hide when they are and are not giving a sign.

  4. I think Pope Benedict looks calm, stoic and even, if I may say so, quietly confident! He knows what he’s doing. He places his right hand so everyone can clearly see his papal ring. I also think he has a very strong constitution, and although his ‘handlers’ are abusing him, (his wrist is bruised, that may or may not be by a deliberate act,) and are possibly restricting his diet, he quietly offers everything up to God. You can see from the distant look in his eyes that he firmly trusts in God’s providence. His sight may be naturally failing anyway, but even so, his gaze is fixed on heaven.
    What moves me is that he is sitting out there in the cold on a cheap ugly outdoor bench, while Bergoglio The Grand Imposter sits indoors in the warmth, on the Big White Chair.
    I interpret that Benedict is the ‘Holy Father,’ and Bergoglio is the ‘bishop in white.’ Only one of them is the Pope. God bless him.

  5. What is the consensus in the various prophecies? Does the pope flee Rome? What about the two worm ridden popes who die on the same night? If anyone knows if a comparison has been done of the many Marian and saints’ prophecies could you let me know? Thank you.
    May God bless and protect the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

  6. What have they done to his face. This change is very recent. It looks as though they pulled his face back. He no longer looks like himself. What in the world are they doing to this poor man, our Holy Father needs our prayers and our help so much. May God Bless him and Our Holy Mother Mary Watch Over him.

  7. This situation with our beloved Benedict XVI is probably the most important subject being posted and discussed on this site. I will explain.

    First, however, regarding the “bishop in white” — it is my recollection that we see this alleged “bishop in white” only in the FAKE/FRAUDULENT so-called “Third Secret” given to the world in June, 2000 by Freemasons Bertone and Sodano. It is generally accepted by people who are aware of the Freemasonic control of the Vatican (and their HATRED of Fatima) that this so-called “Third Secret” given to us in 2000 is NOT the real Third Secret. And it is not even close… But the following subject involving Benedict IS related to the real Third Secret:

    Highly significantly, I have heard it told that Fr. Paul Kramer — expert Fatimist — suspects that Satanic adept Bergoglio has not yet DARED to suppress the “Mass of the Ages”/Latin Mass while Benedict is still alive. Because the anti-pope knows that at such a point Benedict would undoubtedly break his imposed silence and speak out in some way against such an infinite outrage — and even risk exposing the IMPOSTER “pope.” Thus, there is a very real fear that since Bergoglio is burning with the desire-from-HELL to TOTALLY eliminate Christ’s redemptive Sacrifice from the world, that Benedict will be murdered/martyred first. In which case, we would quickly then enter the very darkest chapter of human history — with no pope and an outlawed True Mass — where the worst of the Fatima (and Akita) prophecies would quickly follow.

    So, yes, it is reasonable to surmise that Benedict’s life is in grave danger. As we have seen with other popes in the last 100 years or so, the Satanists in the Vatican are experienced murderers of popes.

    Let us all continue to BEG Our Lady on behalf of our true Holy Father, Benedict. Benedict NEEDS our prayers, and likewise the entire world NEEDS Benedict. He literally stands between the world and the truly apocalyptic catastrophes. On all levels, the future of humanity is very much at stake.

    For those of us with small children, let us ask THEM in particular to pray for our beloved Benedict. At the request of Our Lady in 1947, in a small village in France, it was the prayers of the LITTLE children who indeed saved France from a freemasonic/communist takeover that was underway right when she appeared. We, likewise, need the small children in particular to help save our pope and world…RIGHT NOW…by their prayers…

  8. PS: And, yes, it also jumped out at me that the Monsignor in the photo with Pope Benedict is making a classic Freemasonic/occult hand sign. It is the same one made famous by Angela Merkel and Donald Trump. Both of these Illuminati adepts make this exact hand signage a lot — and it seems that there is hardly ever a photograph of Merkel where she is not using this symbol to “in your face” flash her Satanic allegiance to everyone…

  9. Pope Benedict XVI is a miracle, I pray for him every day. Our Lord will protect him. I have noticed the weight loss, I do not believe he took the Vaccine, The Vatican would have a huge photo opp of him doing this. I’m sure the recent smear campaign is due to Pope Benedict XVI not promoting the vaccine! I’m curious to know if any Bishops will come forward to clarify the recent remarks Bergoglio made on the communion of Saints.

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