3 thoughts on “Statistically, it cannot be said there is a Pandemic (June 2020)”

  1. Thank-you for this release accurately reporting the International stats relevant to the current Revolution. Time to shut-down the Build Back Better ‘Great Reset’ Schwabian agenda…And, it is WEF/CCP/Schwabian since ALL decisions made by the fraudulently installed officer of the Oval Office CLEARLY benefit traditional ENEMIES of not only the United States, but the west overall in general. The current financing of ‘Catholic Fact Checkers’ by CCP, Google, Gates, Soros for the Pachamama Papacy reported via Jules Gomez for Church Militant is proof the Marxist seated on the seat of St. Peter is a heretic Marxist and is no real Pope at all.

  2. Excellent 98.5%+ survival rate also verifies this.

    Governments,hospitals and doctors have criminally prevented and propagandized against effective treatment protocols ,
    Treatment have a((% success rates
    Deaths FROM covid vs WITH are a small % no where near the millions

    CDC most deaths had 4 co morbidities a ged
    CDC 6% of deaths are FROM covid
    1,000,000 x 6% = 60,000 over 2 years

    Flu size numbers of 30-60,000 per year

    Pandemics do not discriminate by age.
    Old much more susceptible to dying and children practically immune

    this is not how pandemic works

    having known the combination og survivor rates and treatment success ,the fear would have been greatly minimized–that would have went totally against the Globalist elite’s GREAT RESET

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