8 thoughts on “DeathVaxxed US Navy Pilot crashes F-35C because of heart attack”

  1. They say “Every landing you can walk away from is a good landing.”

    The saying needs updating:

    “Every landing a Deathvaxxed pilot can walk away from is A GREAT LANDING.”

    (Even if it cost $78 million.)

  2. It will be commercial planes at some point.
    Nothing will make them stop.
    God be with that pilot and all our military, God protect our infants who they target next, and everybody in between.

      1. That point ought to be mentioned in the article with that title. With so much fake news, reporting diligently, honestly is the only cure. Can you confirm the hearsay? This is the first reason for reading the article.

    1. Of course.
      The mainstream medical profession finds that vaxxing is a major cause of “coincidental death or life-changing side-effects”.

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