Even Priests must disobey legitimate authority when it orders what is evil

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7 thoughts on “Even Priests must disobey legitimate authority when it orders what is evil”

  1. One may never disobey legitimate authority; one must disobey an unlawful order — which even a legitimately installed authority may decree, and in that regard, compromise his/her authority.

    Let us not confuse lawful authority with its abuse, nor holy resistance to sin w/ sinful disobedience.

    An enormous problem facing the Faithful: what to make of episcopal appts made, lo, these past nine yrs: these keep the gears moving to some degree; clearly, they will need sanation come the end of anti-papacy.

    1. Paul, you have misread the title of this post. St. Thomas teaches that justice requires that we disobey an unjust command from whatever source it comes, from one holding or not holding legitimate authority. In the phrase, of the title of this post, however, legitimate authority is not said in reference to legitimate authority, as a quality of power, but inasmuch as it names the one who holds it, and thus is used metonymically.

    1. Hi Marcel.
      This was Father Anthony’s livestream from a visit to the convoy, but you could definitely see shorter videos on his YouTube site:
      “To Prepare His Way” .
      We are so blessed to know Father Anthony. Thank you.

    2. Go to the 1 hour 13 minute mark and watch from there. The trucks are honking their horns really loud which makes it a bit of a challenge to hear, but that’s the part of the discussion about disobeying immoral orders.

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