4 thoughts on “Irish Patriots launch Trucker Convoy for February 5th!”

  1. Where are the Truckers of Europe and Russia? Isn’t it time for them to plan, gather and drive to Davos to show the new Hitler with all the evil acolytes the world is a FREEDOM-loving place and HE IS NOT GOD. What is it with these lousy German heretics always warring with the world…With the Rothschild Dynasty supporting, financing and playing both ends against the middle for Absolute Power and Money? It really doesn’t matter that this time is isn’t about a nation state…It’s about the Globalist WEF/CCP Godless Cabal forcing their evil onto the world. Time to hold all the Corporate/Military Complex with the Ruling Class Elites accountable for all the Crimes Against Humanity. Time for the Nuremberg 2.0 Trials on ‘Live Stream’ where the whole globe can determine their fate once and for all.

    1. Truckers in the EU are not independent operators but work for companies, with salaries and pension agreements. They thus have no economic independence to take such political action. So do not expect to see it in Italy, for example, though the Dutch truckers are doing something.

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