11 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Trudeau? A Lot…”

  1. The wicked man flees when no one is after him,
    the virtuous man is bold as a lion.
    Proverbs 28:1

  2. morning br.


    its getting more urgent, more pressing as the signals and significations appear, more pressing but many do not seem to get the urgency nor understand the profound implications of. myself included, it kind of drifts in a fog from my mind

    there’s new, breaking developments regarding the intra body network inside the vaccinated, that stretches back to 2001 and NASA documents.

    please see at Lifesite news under tag;

    Military lawyer says genetic changes from COVID vaccines are creating a new human ‘species’ under the law



    [they know about it at info wars now]

    but also Br , it seems to my mind that there are also more subtle significations of future POTENTIAL action. there are elements of MARBURG and EBOLA , ECOLI in the gene serum. [mentioned by various medical sources and the military lawyer too in above video via microscopic and spectroscopic analysis.]

    why are they there? i am no expert but perhaps are these ‘supplementary ‘vaccinations’ [e.g to marburg ebola etc] to the host person delivered in the shots? or are they part of a new future synthetic bio weapon to be activated remotely as mike yeadon alluded to in gene editing and sequencing etc or by immune escape e.g Van Boosche , Malone et al?

    what is the purpose here? could it be another outbreak is planned. could it be intended, targeted for the unjabbed [or macron; ‘non citizens’, who have no evidence of marburg or ebola in thier system? and no ‘subtle additional secret undisclosed ‘vaccination’ via mrna designed programmable delivery

    is this then selective and targeted to whom?, to both jabbed and unjabbed? or just the unjabbed., for obvious reasons, punishemnt for non-compliance, free thinking and acting etc.

    why are traces of these dangerous, high mortality viruses in there when they need not be. what is their signification?

    lastly brother, as for my part i will be delivering leaflets spreading the word. perhaps i may humbly ask that you refer to my previous messages regarding if you would be so kind as to have a permnament article of this technological paristism and the potential evidence based remedy to degrade its elemental building element – Graphene Oxide.

    this now is absolutely key to all of this and a duty of care to our fellow people, who are now seemingly patentable property to the owners of these patents

    many thanks


    1. I am not a M.D., so for legal reasons I cannot give medical advice as you would suggest, but if any MD has such a protocol, share links here and I will consider publishing them as separate articles.

  3. bravo br bugnolo on vous suit depuis longtevive les cammionn

    we are blessed to have you que Dieu vou benisse du quebec
    pm legault e trudeau are liars and media too
    vaxx pass required almost everywhere in chinada quebec
    even in churches but masses outside for unvaxxed
    and communion on the tongue a la cachette with some
    brave priests

  4. A spoiled ‘perpetual hippy Wanna-Belong Brat’ supporting Communist thieves with a prepared narrative of division bred by the Globalist WEF/CCP Cabal. Time for those wishing Communism to relocate to China where they can feel as to BELONG and there is a population socialized for SLAVERY to and GOVT./President is god to worship.

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