Why do the People always have the right to rebel?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Growing up in the United States of America, we are taught that We the People have the right to rebel against oppression and unjust laws. It’s written into our Declaration of Indepdence.

But in Italy, they have no such document, and are taught rather that one is always obliged to follow the laws. Worse still, that laws are just unless the Constitutional Court says otherwise. Which usually never happens.

The Italian people are thus enslaved to a tyrannical political class.

So for them, in the Italian language, I made this video entitled, “Why the People always have the right to rebel”, wherein I explain, that just as an abused wife has the right to flee, no matter what the laws of her nation say, or just as a home owner has the right to step on a bug or throw out someone who has betrayed his trust, so the People have the right to rid themselves of unjust Presidents, Prime Ministers and Politicians.

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2 thoughts on “Why do the People always have the right to rebel?”

  1. Rebel anyway and screw the politicians and your constitutional courts are corrupt. That’s how you change it, not some courts telling you.

  2. The 33-year-old Italian teacher who sustained life-threatening injuries on Monday after dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself ablaze has passed away, local media reports. The teacher, who worked in Lombardy, had been suspended without pay following the new mandatory vaccination laws implemented on January 10th, which eliminated the option of showing a negative test to gain access to work and school…

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