12 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA: We the People declare the State of Emergency is OVER!”

  1. Thank you Brother! With LOVE and BLESSINGS from the Central Coast of California! Will share with many here!!

    1. You are right. . and also a symbol of S and M. . .it’s part of what they do. . so they are degrading and objectifying people, esp the children.

  2. SHOCKED!!!!!
    There are still people in CA having God’s gift of courage? CA population has grown some genitals? Not all are willing SLAVES to the Nazi Communist Cabal calling themselves Democrats?

    1. Yes, there are still people who reside in this hell hole called California, who have courage. As well as a mind. Sad thing is… so many of the people here just do not question anything. Its as though the people have lost all common sense. The things they once knew to be common knowledge, has been forgotten. No longer do they think for themselves. They just conform, comply with all demands of our b.s. government. It is so difficult to see. I continue to share what k owledge I have, in an attempt to open the eyes of the people. Conspiracy theorists… what a great label to give the few who think for ourselves. So very frustrating.

  3. It’s been over, but some people can’t change because 1. Their fear covid exists for those types 2. The pay they are giving the shops and restaurants to enforce masks.

    Address how to stop shops taking pay$ to enforce masks. They are getting that money, that’s the ONLY reason they are forcing the masks. It needs to be illegal to pay out money to enforce masks. It needs to be illegal for the news and pharma entities to 1. test for covid anymore and it was all fake to begin with 2. Put this virus fakery on these pharma official websites and television news.

  4. It looks a deja vu.
    Indeed it’s not the first time that someone declares that in California “the state of emergency is over!” (especially with the exclamative mark!) Usually this refers to fire-alarms and heat waves. But now the same language is used for “the mask”! Let’s hope it’s real!

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