7 thoughts on “Dr. Fuellmich to convene Grand Jury in preparation of Nuremberg 2.0”

  1. If ands and Buts, maybe, could, might.. Nuremberg trials after WWII was FARCE .. Controlled by the criminals.. 17 defendents found guilty millions traveled to foreign parts creating the FBI, CIA, NASA ETC

  2. Fuellmich does great work. I wish him every success. I don’t understand why some people can’t appreciate the huge efforts some are putting into exposing this giant scam. Well I can, but I won’t go into that here… Suffice to say their lives must be pretty miserable with all that negative energy surrounding them.

  3. Interesting slip on the part of Tedros so and so of the WHO in the above video: “Some countries are using the booster shots to kill children, this is not right”. !!!

    It is amazing how these people cannot help tripping themselves up. There’s been some huge clangers over the last two years. They are definitely not invulnerable.

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