Feb. 1st: 20 Italians defy Covid controls and go to the bar (VIDEO)


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3 thoughts on “Feb. 1st: 20 Italians defy Covid controls and go to the bar (VIDEO)”

  1. I saw this video yesterday which took place in Messina, Sicily. They did well, showing how hypocritical most bar owners are. In 2020, they were crying like spoiled babies, protesting and asking the citizenry for support since the government had shut them all down during the lockdowns in the Spring. Then, they got their government hand-outs and are now slavishly in-line towing the despotic government’s script. I have basically sworn them off since bar and restaurant owners are some of the most despicable people I have ever met, tax frauds and illegal immigrant aiders and abetters. They like the slave labor so it allows them to buy BMWs for their do nothing entitled children, May they all go out of business and be forced to pick “cicoria” as they say in Rome!!!!

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