6 thoughts on “SASKATCHEWAN Premier joins Trucker cause & ends DeathVaxx Mandate!”

  1. Scott Moe’s “In the near future” only means until he has the provincial digital ID system in place. The government posted a ‘Request for Proposals’ for this system. The deadline for that RFP was Jan. 4, 2022. He’s playing a game. Same as Doug Ford in Ontario. He kept saying back in 2021 “No! I won’t be implementing a passport ID system, while his government was beta testing the system in Toronto.” They are liars.

    1. Ann, I wouldn’t be surprised because I know a LOT of what is going on in this ridiculous world……..and this evil plandemic. How do you know all this information about Scott Moe, etc. I believe it all but wondered where you got the information from. They are all evil.

      1. I have a screen shot from a video from someone who had the screen shot of the government website information. Since the tender is closed it doesn’t show on their current list. I hope the screenshot is not fake, but I don’t think so. I saw a video that indicates that Australia is pushing legislation through to push the digital ID platform while everyone is distracted with the mandates. I’m cautiously optimistic, and praying like crazy, but I always have a filter, that they control both sides of the chessboard, so even though something looks promising I look at it with caution.

  2. They only retrench when they have something worse to hit us with – I would be suspecting digital RFID chip on the way. We need to be one step ahead with a strategy to hit them back.

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