12 thoughts on “The DeathVaxxes increase Aging and Cellular Disintegration”

  1. These doctors and scientists who deny the various studies showing the damage the killer jabs are either totally ignorant or are paid to lie. Either way the situation is terrifying since it’s these very people who are helping to dictate NWO policy.

    Apart from the physical damage done, other people have observed how the vaxxed have lost their former spark and energy for life as well as developing almost animalistic characteristics when eating and how they usually deal with problems. It’s almost as if (and may well be) their higher thinking powers have been affected and they are functioning on a much more primitive level. It is incredibly hard to prove this but it has now been observed by a number of people.

    I have even heard some non-Christians who believe in reincarnation say that it affects a person’s soul to the extent that reincarnation becomes impossible, that the actual death of the soul takes place. Now when we consider that St. John wrote about the Mark of the Beast, we can see a connection between these two ways of thinking.

      1. Ok I’ll assume your question is addressed to me.

        I have read discussions between non Christians who have said the death jabs can destroy the soul making reincarnation impossible. Not all agreed with this but a large majority did. Those who did, believed this happens because what’s in the jabs is wholly unnatural and contains an entity whose purpose is to destroy the soul. Those who disagreed did so because they said the soul is immortal and indestructible therefore no entity could make this happen.

        Connected with this, I have also read some people say there are ‘human beings’ who are born without a soul. By this they mean these people are purely material/physical beings without any spiritual dimension to them. They have said it is as though there is not enough souls to inhabit the number of physical bodies being born. They have gone so far as to say some souls have been rendered into an inert state due to evil actions in past lives so the souls cannot inhabit a physical body at conception. The soulless ‘human beings’ are said to lack empathy, compassion, ability to love and form close and meaningful relationships. They have been described as NPCs, basically machines, capable of sociopathic and psychopathic actions who usually have jobs where there is the opportunity to exercise power and influence. If we look at just the scamdemic of the last two years it could be said that such soulless people have been behind it all. These discussions took place on various social media groups.

        From a Christian perspective, this link suggests that if our soul is not well integrated with our higher selves, the death vaxx could interfere with our soul so that it could become free floating instead of being anchored securely within ourselves. But if the anchor is secured with our higher selves the worse that could happen is a temporary blockage in our ability to communicate with God. The link itself contains many other links. It should be noted that it comments on Rudolph Steiner who said more than a century ago that a goal of medicine should be to drive the soul out of the body from the youngest possible age. Well now they have started trialing the death jabs on 6 month old babies !


        This link is about comments from people who have had the jabs or know people who have and the lack of a sense of soul they have.


    1. Physicians making money like crazy with the vaccines. On German TV they showed a vaccination center where the doctor makes €250,000 a month! Big bucks for little work.

  2. Have observed in people aging, hollowed out or faraway stare in their eyes and a general forgetfulness or stammering when talking

  3. The sickness and impending death is really speeding up in my family. I warned them all and only a few listened.
    It’s as if they were spellbound and obsessed with those death needles. Very difficult because I understand what is going to happen to people I love very much. My Aunt, out of the blue, had a bunch of blood clots in her legs, she just got home from the hospital today. I know she is going to die likely sooner rather than later. I know the blood clots are not just in her leg, but there are micro clots all throughout her body.
    I was angry last year at people like my Aunt.
    Now that it’s actually happening, it’s very difficult to handle.
    I also understand that many more young people in my family are going to get sick, many are already, and begin the march to death. I also found out my cousin shot up her two sweet boys with the death vaxxx. Her mother, my Aunt, is devastated and so am I. It’s only a matter of time months? A few years at the most? I don’t know if I want to live in this world with the death that is coming from my ignorant family members who fell for the evil. There was nothing I could do to stop them.
    My family members who are sick have NO IDEA the needles have destroyed them. They are blind. Unable to see it.

    1. That’s very sad. I too know people I am close to who have had the jabs. One close friend was told he could not have life saving treatment until he got the jab. Later he needed an operation and was told he needed the second jab. What was supposed to be a routine operation and a week’s stay in hospital has turned into four months, three of which has been spent in intensive care on a ventilator. He now has inflammation on the brain. The doctors do not know what’s causing it or how to treat it. I asked one of the doctors if it could be caused by the jabs and of course he said no, that he had not seen any evidence of that. But then they are completely ignorant and would probably never admit it even when given a mountain of evidence.

      What is also extremely difficult is that I have not been able to visit him during times when he has been fully conscious due to not having a PCR and the other draconian rules. I cannot help feeling angry and bitter about this and hoping that those in the medical profession who are upholding this evil fully recognize at the moment of their death the terrible damage they have done. I know this is not the right attitude to have but they have caused serious suffering to millions of people around the world due to their narrow blind faith in pseudo science and or an evil nature and desire to play God.

  4. Sister died before Christmas with the fast acting cancer, diagnosed mid August, died in her sleep mid December.

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