5 thoughts on “USA: Greatest Increase in Traffic Deaths, in 50 years, in 2021”

  1. One statistic that could be a factor is that illegals coming in to the country who have never driven a car ,getting a drivers license and traveling on the interstates. In my mushrooming growing both city, I notice on the am news traffic snarls and backups bc of wrecks. It’s an astounding increase in numbers compared to just a few years ago. I most of the time avoid interstates and go back roads when I can. Un vetted and uncontrolled immigration policies with no vetting and the role of CatholicCharities is not charitable when the whole picture is brought into focus.. esp when the Drug lords are allowed in . Fentenal deaths are zooming also. Along with sex trafficking. The media blames Biden. But he put the border into his woman vps power.many months ago.

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