5 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Police crash Catholic Mass to control DeathMask Compliance”

  1. At Rebel News people can see the various protests that are going on, including in Australia. A mother was pushed to the ground in front of her crying children, an 80 year old man protesting peacefully was teargassed, but as he was led away he told the people to hold the line, fight, never give up.
    People must decide if they accept tyranny and for their children, virtual slavery, or not.

  2. Strange how Australia is becoming more totalitarian while some countries are abolishing the diktats. What is going on? It’s pity the priest didn’t order the police to leave the church as the Polish pastor in Canada did last year during Easter.

    I wonder what would happen if churches didn’t tell their congregations to follow the diktats and simply refused to pay the fines? Thousands of lockdown fines were cancelled in Britain last year by the state’s prosecution service. The only people who paid them were those who thought they had to. The rest were willing to let it go to court but because of this they were cancelled before that happened. I guess they didn’t want to risk thousands of people quoting common law, the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. Much too risky. It could have toppled the whole scam and they couldn’t let that happen could they?!

    1. I am from Australia. I worked in retail and I have been stood down, probably soon to lose my job. While I have been writing my letter to respond to my employer I have discovered that the Australian constitution doesn’t do much to protect religious liberty, Australia doesn’t have a Bill of Rights, and our anti discrimination laws protect everything except religion. There was a paramedic John Larter who took his case to the supreme court of NSW. He had lost his job due to the vaccine mandates, he bases his arguements on the fact that he was a devout Catholic and a conscientious objecter, oposing the vaccine on religious, moral and political grounds. The judge noted that John’s religious views were not in line with Pope Francis and official Carholic Church teaching. There have been other court cases using other arguements eg privacy laws, biosecurity laws, all have failed. As long as an employer that is mandating the vaccine conducts a risk assessment and consults with their workforce they are covered by our laws to do this. Australia’s laws are weak, weaker than many parts of the world. That is why it is happening here first.

  3. I am from Australia.. I can honestly say the Great Evil permeates the Land…The PM is a coward He has passed all governance to the states..The country is being governed by socialist hardcore lefties, Lovers of China and that dictator..

    The peoples have been dumbed down with the propagated fear of the Virus. Over 90 % of the country are Vaxxed!.. Now they going for the Children.. and Boosters..

    I see all of this as Judgment from God…A lifting of His Grace! Australia stopped being a Christian Nation when the majority of peoples and politicians voted for the legalisation of Gay marriage..

    A Holy God has felt the finger of this Nation up His Nostril!

    john B

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