Common Law Arrest Charges Brought in New Zealand against Scamdemic Pusher

Quoting from the AG Action Gatherings News Letter, N. 1 (

Citizen arrests begin in NZ under “Murder by Decree” charges – based on the Hague case and current investigations by the Hammersmith Police in the UK; local groups in NZ are now working with the Northshore Police with the first citizens arrest due to be that of Health Minister Andrew Little on Saturday.

Also ALL school prinicpals/BOT’s in the country have been issued with “Notices of Liability” due to the overwhelming medical evidence of huge numbers of serious adverse reactions and deaths due to the jab.

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3 thoughts on “Common Law Arrest Charges Brought in New Zealand against Scamdemic Pusher”

  1. Hello Br Alexis.
    FB have already removed the link to the article.
    God bless you in all the work you do telling people about these government “medication” truths and this fraudulent evil plandemic.
    Amen. 🙏

  2. What I don’t get and what no one ever explained ever, is what happens after? Are these symbolic servings? Is there never an actual are’s that? Or a jail?

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