Dr. Tenpenny: The Vaccination agenda is darker than anyone could have imagined

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Tenpenny: The Vaccination agenda is darker than anyone could have imagined”

  1. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the WHO:

    “Some countries are using the booster shots to kill children, this is not right”. !!!

    A WHO spokesperson desperately tried to claim this is not what he meant, while hysterical ‘fact checkers’ went so far as to deny these words ever came out of his mouth !

    So do not believe the evidence of your lying ears. Or for that matter, the evidence of your lying eyes ! You must only believe what WE tell you to believe because ONLY WE know the truth. And the truth is anything we want it to be at any time, according to the agenda we are working to on behalf of our controllers. Non compliance means cancellation and punishment. Get it?!

    The biggest irony is that even Youtube’s AI generated transcript confirms this is actually what he said !


  2. X22 is one of the worst dis-info platforms there is – 2 videos a day from ‘dave’ , the guy that nobody knows anything about – perfect example of a dis-info channel who’s constant cry is ” sit back , grab your popcorn and watch the show” , in other words , DO NOTHING.

    1. How is it disinfo? He’s simply reporting the facts and interviewing Dr Tenpenny. Is what she is saying disinfo as well? What exactly should he be telling people to do?

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