Western Australian Premier uses cruel emotional extortion to induce Parents to be DeathVaxxed

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4 thoughts on “Western Australian Premier uses cruel emotional extortion to induce Parents to be DeathVaxxed”

  1. NO one, could ever keep me from seeing my sick child. I would take down these flesh demons one by one if they ever tried. Push back people! ENOUGH of this appalling treatment.

  2. Not only is forced vaccination a crime against humanity, but so is mental and psychological torture. It should be a real wake call we are indeed dealing with psychopaths and satanists.

  3. These are disgusting and inhuman rules. But in Greece it is even worse. The Greek government has threatened to take away custody of people’s children if they object to them wearing masks for hours every day and be tested twice a week. This is not even about forced death jabs only about parents’ concern over their children being forced to breath in their own carbon dioxide for hours everyday and the poisons in the twice weekly mandatory tests. For being concerned about this they face a two year jail term and losing custody of their children!

    The Greek government are encouraging heads of schools and teachers to report these parents to the state prosecutor. In this way the government hope to be seen as not being behind the persecution of parents. Parents do not even have the option of homeschooling their children since this was legislated as illegal in recent times !

    In a country which relies so heavily on tourism, those who can go on holiday should totally boycott Greece as a destination on moral grounds. These criminals need to brought to their knees and destroyed.



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