6 thoughts on “400,000 Babies murdered by DeathVaxx and DeathVaxx advocates”

  1. Only .4M? Would be willing to bet that the world-wide # of infants killed by this false “medicine” is much higher…. We’re still @ about 1.3 M/yr reported procured surgical abortions in US alone & that doesn’t count at-home orally administered killings. The deadly intent of this jab-menace has likely induced far many more miscarriages than this report conveys.

  2. My heart breaks for these women who have lost their babies, it is a devastating loss for those who so desperately have wanted to become mothers. Sadly many will never be able to conceive again and if they do carry a baby to term their child will be a new species, literally. Dr Carrie Madej talks about what fertility clinics are now finding when attempting to fertilize eggs to use for IVF treatment, it is so bad they have to discard it. Then they are told to keep their mouths shut!

    1. IVF is a scandal and against natural and divine law and contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Conception has its place between a married couple during normal intercourse only. See Theology of the Body by Pope St. JPII for more details.

  3. any parent who would allow their child to
    get the Death Injection will burn in Hell for
    eternity. stop blaming the NWO and WEF
    for what the PARENTS are doing to their
    children 2 years old and older.

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