An Open Letter to Citizens of the United Kingdom

Dear friends family colleagues and neighbours,

Please excuse the blanket email to each and everyone on our email address list, but as Ronald Reagan said we must fight for freedom each and every one of us…

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

The same of course can be said for the UK. Have you read the Human Rights review documentation? We are writing to you in the hope you will reject it. A link to the consultation is below. It seeks to change the very fabric of our society by changing the very ethical and legal principles that currently underpin our civilisation. We are seriously concerned. Please be patient with us as this needs to be a long email.

The review seeks to impose a rights culture that displaces personal responsibility in favour of “the public interest”.

The proposed reforms say “the international human rights framework recognises that not all rights are absolute and that an individual’s rights may need to be balanced, either against the rights of others or against the wider public interest.

Further concerning statements are:

“The idea that rights come alongside duties and responsibilities is steeped in the UK tradition of liberty, but it is also reflected in the qualifications in the Convention and is explicit in Article 29 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights (‘Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible’). The increasing reliance on human rights claims over the years has, however, led to a culture of rights decoupled from our responsibilities as citizens, and a displacement of due consideration of the wider public interest”.

“Whilst human rights are universal, a Bill of Rights could require the courts to give greater consideration to the behaviour of claimants and the wider public interest when interpreting and balancing qualified rights. More broadly, our proposals can also set out more clearly the extent to which the behaviour of claimants is a factor that the courts take into account when deciding what sort of remedy, if any, is appropriate. This will ensure that claimants’ responsibilities, and the rights of others, form a part of the process of making a claim based on the violation of a human right”.

There are other concerning statements too, but this email is long enough so we hope you get the idea.

Under the proposed reforms it is clear that Parliament is seeking to impose itself as arbiter of when a person can have human rights and when they cannot. This is wrong, abhorrent and utterly disgraceful. It does not matter the crime, major or minor, a person must always have their human rights available to them and protected. It is crystal clear to us that although the proposed reforms mention the courts power to decide matters, the government expect the courts to be led on this by parliament, (and legislation), whatever the government decide their rules to be at any given time.

Be in no shadow of a doubt that this is an overt attack on personal freedoms in a bid to enforce communitarianism (which is worse than socialism, and is in fact totalitarianism). Wider interests should never trump an individual’s rights, the latter of which are fundamental freedoms that are God given.

These proposed changes seek to make sure that Human Rights are NOT fundamental and universal. Giving power to the courts to say you are not entitled to your human rights if they think your behaviour has not been what they consider “good” is a huge worry, knowing how much the courts are now refusing to challenge governement policy decisions and harmful legislation.

The separation of powers has been lost in this country for some time now. These proposed reforms confirm parliaments march to make itself the sovereign power and authority to decide on people’s fundamental rights according to its own whim, and this must be stopped at all costs.

The consultation is open until the 8th March and the link to respond to it is here for you. We desperately need everyone to take action and say no to these reforms, please. 🙏🏾

If we take the proposed human rights reforms down to a basic level of what rights of YOURS can be stripped away by an untouchable government doing it “for the greater good” and we are not saying this will happen, but people need to be aware of the breadth of application of the group think “greater good”,  and how it could affect them as a individual, so we hope this helps illustrate demonstrate and concretise what could be…..

Under the proposed human rights reforms consider the basic things such as :

– Do you think the government should dictate what house you live in – make you move to a smaller house if you live alone or your children have left home?

– Do you think the government should be able to force you to have an electric car?

– Do you think the government should be able to force you to use public transport and not have a car at all?

– How would you feel if the government told you you had to become vegan?

-How would you feel if the government said you have to wear a FitBit 24 hours a day?

– Would you accept the government telling you how much alcohol you can have each week?

– Would you allow the government to take away your pets?

-Would you consider it acceptable to have to apply to the government for permission to have a child?

When you consider what the greater good is, for them, not you, its not inconceivable that any or all of the above could happen, along with the loss of bodily autonomy and other precious liberties.

We are seeing our MP to express our concerns about this amongst other things and would value your prayers. Please, at the very least take this opportunity to make your voice heard on the public consultation or by email. The details are here for you. Have your say by emailing direct: or Respond to the consultation by completing the online survey here:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what we know is a very long email but crucially important in fighting for the freedoms we’ve taken for granted for so long and which are increasingly under threat, despite things feeling like they are getting back to normal.

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Citizens of the United Kingdom”

  1. Thank you for posting this Br Bugnolo. I will email to make my views clear on these dictatorial proposals, respond to the survey and share on social media as widely as possible.

  2. Following the link posted in your article – you will find that the Ministry of Justice is recruiting 4,500 volunteer magistrates — no legal training required .

    You will notice , the creation of Corona Virus Courts .

    What can they possibly do with a Corona Virus Court, presided over by 4500 untrained volunteer magistrates ?

    …Shades of :

    “In 1922 Vladimir Lenin chasitised the People’s Commissariat for Justice for not dealing firmly enough with political opponents of the Bolsheviks and allowing capitalism to develop outside the framework of state capitalism outlined by the New Economic Policy.“

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