BREAKING: Assembly of the Council of Europe denounces Green Passport

English Summary and Commentary by Br.  Alexis Bugnolo

The Council of Europe is the human rights treaty organization comprising all European nations, founded after World War II. All European nations, in their laws, are obliged to adhere and implement its decisions on human rights principles. Among the stunning declarations published yesterday, were:

That the “Vaccine” Passports are:

  • Discriminatory
  • Contrary to Science
  • Can in no way be effective to prevent the spread of disease

In its judgement therefore, the Council of Europe has ordered all its member states to stop using the DeathVaxx Passports. This is a great human right’s victory. But I fear that the corrupt, bought Dictatorships which use them will not relent.

The Parliamentary Assembly urged all member states to remind citizens that they are free to decided be DeathVaxxed and cannot be coerced.

The people, however, have begun their own initiative, with widespread non-observance of the DeathVaxx Passport.  I tested this last week, by entering two places where it is forbidden to enter without a DeathMask or DeathVaxx Passport, certifying that you have been Injected or DeathSwabbed.  Neither asked me for the Passport, only one asked if I had a mask, and made no fuss, when I said I did not.

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Assembly of the Council of Europe denounces Green Passport”

  1. This is a very great victory for human rights. Well done Br Bugnolo for testing it out.

    It is interesting that most of the countries which founded the Council of Europe have already abolished their totalitarian stance towards death jab passports, masks etc: U.K, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Belgium. Did they know in advance this would be the outcome and so have tried to appear as “democracy loving” countries in order to avoid the humiliation of a climb down? I think so.

    If any countries try to ignore this their citizens can simply not comply, get arrested, report them to the Council of Europe and then bring a Europe wide class action to force them to their knees.

  2. In Italia non cederenno agli obblighi. Le forze dell’ordine stanno effettuando controlli a tappeto. Fra Alexis sei stato solo fortunato.. Purtroppo.. Marionette

  3. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    As written before: to my knowledge the decisions of the Council of Europe cannot be imposed on member states, how much I would love it could.

  4. My previous knowledge of the Assembly of the council of Europe is that it not a real legal force that any EU government has to agree with and it is more of some sort of advisory talking shop the EU uses when it suits them and rejects it of it blocks the communist controlled EU agenda they need done .
    I would consult EU legal eagles expert opinion before I would celebrate this victory much as it seems some countries have buckled under its decelerations .
    I personally am not a EU law legal expert but I have some memory that this same organisations opinion and declarations were ignored in the past by EU governments when it did not suit the EU agenda of that time period
    Feel free if your a legal expert on EU legal systems to prove me wrong
    I would really hope this statement on a Green Passport has real legal teeth that can make the EU comply to this legal or advisory statement .

    1. Has any group ever seriously pursued their government through the Council of Europe? To my knowledge none have. One of their stated aims is to uphold human rights and prevent their violations. For the CoE to do this violations have to be brought to their attention. If this is not done they cannot do anything about it. If any European government ignore the CoE’s latest ruling it would be easy to challenge this with the court. Government’s would quickly cave under the pressure.

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