2 thoughts on “Dr. Coleman: The Great Reset will soon get more vicious”

  1. Dr. Coleman has been on target with his information and predictions. I have few apps on my phone. The ones I do have are ones like my granddaughters’ school schedules, etc, as I frequently pick them up and attend as many of their events as possible. I do not have social media footprints all over the internet. I place my phone in a Faraday bag when I am away from my home, even when I walk outdoors, because I will not allow my movements to be tracked. Be vigilant folks! Protect yourself and your loved ones.

  2. Like virtually everything he has said, Dr Coleman is bang on about the next scam being a ‘climate catastrophe’ narrative.

    The late Rosa Koire gave an outstanding explanation of the climate scam, what’s behind it, who funds it and the impact it will have on every person not part of the NWO on the planet. Really worth watching.


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